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If he can walk.

You can give.




It is amazing how far we’ve come. Five years have passed so quickly, and yet that life lived in fear and worry seems so long ago. We come to today amidst incredible normalcy, albeit perhaps with more gratitude than the average person.

VB 13, C 0

VB continues to do well, including a recent MRI and PET scan that confirmed he remains with “No Evidence of Disease”. And if that weren’t enough, he has now completed his first ice skating show (the best dwarf of all — his “hi ho” at the top of his lungs brought the house down), graduated from kindergarten and finished his first round of swimming lessons. Shortly I’m sure he will defeat a great army and slay many dragons all while singing “Mama Mia” at the top of his lungs.


We continue to move forward on adoption. Once you’ve done all of the paperwork and the social worker certifies you as “attractive” (no kidding — the home study actually says that) and lacking in serial-killer qualities, the process is a lot of “hurry up and wait”. Thus far we’ve had our “profile” (that’s the 4-page preamble of who you are and why you might be a good choice for parenthood) shared with about six birth mothers, but no takers yet. So we wait for the next call — possibly the right one.


That’s the number of months that have gone by since I’ve posted anything here. I’ll refrain from the usual apologies, accept to say that life’s been moving, and enjoyably enough so as to put my time and energy elsewhere. There are worse things….

One Thousand, Two Hundred and Fifty

That’s the number – in dollars — that I’m hoping to raise for this years Jimmy Fund Walk. Still a ways to go, but no day like the anniversary of my son’s diagnosis to reach out and ask folks to give, so that others may one day enjoy a day as normal as this one. Honor my son, and perhaps one of your loved one’s, with a donation today.

Happy Father’s Day, everyone!


Dear Vampboy —

It has been a whirlwind few days since you turned the big 6-a-roonie…The family descended upon our home for your favorite food (pizza) and stories of your birth and early life as a baby. Gifts were offered and gladly received. The next day brought a snow day for Daddy, so we got to fly through construction of your new Lego Police Station. Law enforcement everywhere breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that little detachable justice prevailed.

This weekend we had your friends-party, and what a ho-down it was! We hit the sunny, snow-filled outdoors for an afternoon at a local nature center (who knew such a place existed so close to home!). You and your friends wandered through the woods with the environmental instructor, collecting twigs and leaves that would soon become fairy houses. In your never ending quest to be the cutest, kindest kid in the universe, you let your friend K take the fairy house home, since you worked on it together and “I got all the presents, so she should get the fairy house.” Way to keep close to the heart of one of your potential future prom dates, kiddo.

More gifts, and another visit with your cousins ensued. I’ve had to clean your new Little Mermaid dinner set three times now so that it can be used at every meal. Thanks to R, your pre-school wife for that one…Clearly you are still a winner with the ladies.

This morning we talked about all of your friends — how lucky you are to have such love in your life. “I know,” you replied. “Some people don’t have friends like I do.” Truth is everyone should be so lucky…But are luckier still if they have a chance to meet you. Your mom and I are so proud of the person you are becoming; kind, smart, funny, caring — perfect. Our little boy.

We love you.

In continued gratitude for Vampboy’s ability to have this birthday, I am participating in the 2011 Jimmy Fund Walk. Proceeds go directly to ATRT Research and treatment, so other parents and kids don’t have to experience what we did — and so that those who do can see the day their little one enjoys something as monumental as a 6th birthday. My readers are welcomed to honor my son’s birthday, or the birthdays of people you love, by donating now. Thank you.

For Every Dollar…

Thank you for this moment.

Jimmy Fund Walk, 2010: Vampboy and Princess, who were in treatment together for ATRT. Princess is still in treatment. This was taken the first time they've seen each other in over a year.


BC = Before Cancer

AD= After Diagnosis

My friend the Manny would read the title and think this was finally my tome about my love for a certain British record label. Not so, sadly — although if you watch closely you will hopefully see it soon…somewhere…..

No, it was 4 years ago today that everything changed in my life. I became someone else, and a dark universe opened before my family like a black hole threatening to take it all away.

Today the sun is out, and the promise of another day cancer-free stretches before us. This Father’s Day, instead of fear and needles and pain unfathomed once, we will take walks, ride bikes, laugh and play. I am at one with the gratitude to all those who brought us to this day — who keep my son, my wife and I moving forward into the life that almost wasn’t. And, on this anniversary of a great pain, I find within me a happiness to be where we are.

On this day — take an extra moment to hug your children, your siblings, your partner, your friend. Remember how fleeting our time with one another is, and feel in your heart the gratitude that lives on in my wife, my son, and my own heart, for your kind attention to our journey.

If you feel so inspired, please celebrate our son’s continued health by donating to my Jimmy Fund Walk. All proceeds will go directly to further research on ATRT in the hopes that VB’s life “AD” – and those of our many friends in the ATRT fight — continues to a very, very long time.