Meet the Vampfamily

Vampdaddy (VD): Your host-of-hosts on this here blog. 30-something who works in the non-profit sector. Loves music, coffee, mexican food, good books and art.

Vampmommy (VM): Our heroine. Also 30-something and works in healthcare. Loves designing fabulous parties and invitations that would make Martha Stewart give up and work at McDonald’s.

Vampboy (VB): The boy wonder who in his first four years on this earth battled cancer – and lived to tell about it. 5 years old and works in the “Building Thomas the Tank Engine Rail lines” business. Loves his puppies, Disney princesses, and soy milk.

Vamppuppy: The newest addition to the Vampfamily, thanks to the good folks at Make-a-wish. 2 years old and in the “make humans crazy” business. Loves to do everything VD and VM would rather he didn’t, especially chewing toilet paper off the role.


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