Yes, Vampboy

The holidays approach-eth. VM is currently watching a movie while wrapping presents in wrapping paper hand-painted by the kiddo. The tree is bright and twinkley, with boxes of decorations nearby that will adorn the rest of the house in the coming day. I have the grocery list, and am preparing myself for the early morning military operation during which I will scour the earth for the perfect organic ham.

Usually, in the spirit of self-reflection that comes with the closing of a year, I take time off from the interwebs. I would again, if I was actually writing often enough where that would actually matter. So I’m popping in for a quick hello, and disappearing for a bit of holiday merriment, but will return shortly with yet another attempt at renewed blog-writing vigor and aplomb.

Meanwhile, please enjoy a different sort of holiday classic, performed by The Dresden Dolls at performance in Boston back in October. If you listen carefully, you can hear me calling out my approval from the balcony, where I had the pleasure of sitting with a dear friend while this was performed.

I wish you all dear friends, fine family, good health, magic and fairies. May 2010 leave you with glad tidings, and 2011 hold the promise of more life to SING.


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