The Force is Strong in This One

And we come to what could be one of the most critical posts I ever write — dealing of course with the core issue every modern dad needs to address: Star Wars.

Vampboy, making Daddy proud, 2005

When Star Wars came out I was six years old, and near my home was a movie theatre that was attached to a Sears department store. My father told me we were going to Sears to look at lawnmowers. Instead, we walked right past the lawnmower department and into the movie theatre.

I was so excited that I threw up.

We stayed anyway, of course.

I did not throw up when Empire came out, although it took a few drives to the movie theatre before we could get in. I left the theatre feeling sad that Han seemed to be gone forever in his carbonite tomb — and what the heck was this whole thing about Vader being Luke’s father? I too believed it wasn’t possible.

Then Return of the Jedi came out — I dressed as an Ewok for halloween, and Princess Leia in her Jabba slave outfit put me in touch with my hetero side.

Today I am the proud owner of every Star Wars action figure that came out in the 80’s, including one that’s still in its case in prefect condition. Mom thought I might be interested in having something like that some day, so she bought one and stored it away — genius if you ask me.

Now VB is approaching the age at which I was first exposed to the ways of the Force. He knows most of the characters already, although he hasn’t seen the movie and rarely watches television (that’s the power of a peer group who does). Sharing the Star Wars experience with him is high on the “things to do to make fatherhood rock” list….But is 6 years old the right time? Can I wait any longer? And how to I explain the nightmare that is Jar Jar Binks?

Thankfully this group of Dads has brought this complex and challenging fatherhood issue to light. Thank goodness for viral Youtube-ness to frame the question:

Is 6 years old the proper age? Should I rent out a big theatre so he can see it in all its full glory? Do we include episodes 1-3 or not?



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5 responses to “The Force is Strong in This One

  • Chris Tilley (@HHTales)

    Philip watch the 4,5 and 6 when he was in the hospital. I had gone to see episode 3 in the theatre and need to see the redemption of Anakin. Thus I borrowed them from the playroom. Had to wait a couple of nights as I wasn’t the only one on the ward that wanted them. Last year I got the box set of all the movies for Christmas and we re-watched them. He had no problems with them at 7 and wouldn’t have had a problem at 6 either I just needed to replace my old VHS tapes with something I could actually play. If you want a interesting take on Jar jar including the line ‘Jar jar you’re a genius check out the webcomic Darth and Droids.

  • Lainey-Paney

    I have nothing to discuss.
    I’m a chicky-chick.
    Not into it.
    Sorry, friend.

  • Ellen Curtis

    Vampdaddy – Have you seen the December Holiday issue of catalog? Has many of the latest Star Wars products every child with the force needs.


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