The 2010 Vampdaddy Halloween Post

Greetings, Ghouls —

Darkness falls across the land, and from the depths of all that is unholy yours truly returns to feast on my readership…All two of you. BWAHAHA!

And now for some things to keep you up at night….

1. Bears. Apparently Russian Bears have gained the taste for recently deceased human flesh.  Yet another unintended consequence of global warming — who knew?

2. Pumpkin Ducks. Less frightening, but you are no match for the power of my wife’s creativity. Behold!

3. Blood and Guts! Actually, a raw diet — it’s something we’ve started Vamppuppy on over the past couple of months, after about a year of rather unpleasant tummy troubles. They haven’t entirely gone away, but I’m hoping we’re nearing the end of coming home to frightening surprises in his crate — before I go insane.

4. King Vampboy.


When being chased by a Vampire, hop over a river or run the kitchen sink. Apparently Vampires aren’t really fond of crossing bodies of water, particularly running water.

Bonus Post….BWAHAHA!

As you may know, I am also co-blogging at Music on a Stick. Go there now to view part 2 of my annual Halloween post. Abandon all hope, ye who click the link!


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2 responses to “The 2010 Vampdaddy Halloween Post

  • Crazy Momma

    About the Russian bears…gross.

    Your wife’s creativity is absolutely amazing. My pumpkins are currently rotting on the front porch…seriously, oozing all over the place.

    Regarding being chased by vampires: According to Stephanie Myers (who is no Ann Rice), vampires are actually very good swimmers. I must do more research before the next chase.

    And, lastly, that little VampBaby of yours is so darned cute. Hope you all had a great Halloween!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I thought I’d have to wait at least until tomorrow for Halloween pics from blogs I follow. My kids are 13 and 14, so I miss the little kid excitement. Thanks for the early treat!

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