I Know Too Many Names

His name is Declan Carmical and, like my son, was diagnosed with ATRT.

Last night he sighed his final breath and left this earth for places unknown, leaving behind a grieving family and community. He was just shy of his 1st birthday.

I add his name to the list that is carved in my spirit — another life lost. Another reminder of how lucky we are to have had our story turn out as it has — even though we cannot guarantee our final chapter is written.

I know too many names. Yet, it is in those names we find the cause that keeps us moving.

In his name, and far too many others — please feel free to give.


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4 responses to “I Know Too Many Names

  • Nana Carmical

    Hi Tym, thanks so much for the beautiful note. Declan’s physical absence is tough to deal with but the memories of him will be with us always. We are all pretty numb right now, not sure how we will manage but we have lots of support.

    We are still thinking of trying to manage the at/rt walk next month.

    Again, thank you for your kind thoughts. Love, the Carmicals

  • Jill

    Great post, Tym.

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  • Donna Carmical

    Tym, hope to meet you soon. The post is beautiful and I thank you for carrying our Declan with you. We will continue to keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. Love, NanaC

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