Two and a Half Men

Today was a glorious day on several fronts. First, it was the most rediculously beautiful summer day here in Vamp-land; not too hot, not too muggy. Second, we took our annual trip down to the Pan Mass Challenge so VB could meet up with the team (actually, two teams this year) he is matched with as a “Pedal Partner”.

But third — and perhaps most importantly — we got to meet the guy gracing the right of this photo:

Those in the blogging-know may recognize him as the one and only Papa Bradstein, who was riding his first PMC. It was so fantastic to meet in person someone I’ve been able to get to know and connect with through the interwebs, sharing our mutual love for fatherhood and our general distaste for cancer. He was part of a long line of folks that visited with us today, inspiring VB’s own desire to get on the bike and ride. And, thanks to folks like Papa Bradstein and the others who rode today, VB gets that chance.

If you feel so inspired, you can still support Papa’s ride by going here and making a donation.

I am also about a month away from my own “pounding of the pavement against cancer”, and you can still support my walk by going here and making a donation.


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