The Dawn of A New Venture

Howdy, my loyal readers — yes, both of you.

Recently the organization I work for has had a few staff leave — retirement, life changes, next adventures — all good, but it’s been a time of transition. This week during the good-bye party for one of my colleagues, someone shared a quote he had shared with them from Howard Thurman:

“Don’t ask, what the world needs.  Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Writing is something that makes me come alive. Writing about the people who make me come alive — my wife, my son — that has been and continues to be a joy.

Music also makes me come alive. As do two of my dear friends, Jungalero (on this blog known as “The Manny”) and Funkschnecke (on this blog known as “walker 4145“). So it is with great glee that I announce the achievement of a dream — my new project with these two fine writers, thinkers and music lovers, Music on a Stick.

I will continue to blog here on my adventures as a family man and general human being, so fear not (either of you). But for a taste of the brilliant, the ephemeral, the gloriously musically weird, please stop by our new project, and spread the word…WE ARE HERE.

And we are also tweeting here.


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