BC = Before Cancer

AD= After Diagnosis

My friend the Manny would read the title and think this was finally my tome about my love for a certain British record label. Not so, sadly — although if you watch closely you will hopefully see it soon…somewhere…..

No, it was 4 years ago today that everything changed in my life. I became someone else, and a dark universe opened before my family like a black hole threatening to take it all away.

Today the sun is out, and the promise of another day cancer-free stretches before us. This Father’s Day, instead of fear and needles and pain unfathomed once, we will take walks, ride bikes, laugh and play. I am at one with the gratitude to all those who brought us to this day — who keep my son, my wife and I moving forward into the life that almost wasn’t. And, on this anniversary of a great pain, I find within me a happiness to be where we are.

On this day — take an extra moment to hug your children, your siblings, your partner, your friend. Remember how fleeting our time with one another is, and feel in your heart the gratitude that lives on in my wife, my son, and my own heart, for your kind attention to our journey.

If you feel so inspired, please celebrate our son’s continued health by donating to my Jimmy Fund Walk. All proceeds will go directly to further research on ATRT in the hopes that VB’s life “AD” – and those of our many friends in the ATRT fight — continues to a very, very long time.


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2 responses to “4AD

  • mummaboox2

    Happy Father’s Day, Vampdaddy. Blessings and joy to all of you from all of us.

  • Missouri Cousin

    I’ve been off the computer awhile,bought a new one and had to learn to use it. Missed the Jimmy Fund Walk last year, but will not miss it again. Thats a great baseball picture. I know you had a great Father’s Day. As I have said before, Vampmommy and vampdaddy have done an awesome Job.

    Missouri Cousin

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