VM 11, C0

So, here’s what goes through one’s mind on a day like today:

5:00am No one should have to get up this early.

6:00am Hey, traffic doesn’t seem that bad!

6:30am Crap. Traffic.

7:15am We made it on time!

7:25am Wait…what floor did I just park the car on? Oh well, we’ll find it later.

8:00am Wow — looks like the MRI will start on time!

8:15am Guess not.

8:30am Well, it could have been later.

8:35am While I am still deeply committed to the prevention of drug use in young people — my son is a RIOT while drunk on propofol. Nighty night, kiddo.

8:40am Hello, brain? This is stomach. Feed me, YOU BASTARD!

8:45am Yummy greasy bagel sandwich….But can someone tell me what exactly Asiago Cheese is, and why (as the Manny noted once) I only hear of it in bagels?

8:50am I am wondering if having a video feed of ultra-skinny fashion runway models slinking along the catwalk as part of a fashion illustrator exhibit is appropriate — in the lobby of a children’s hospital. Are they trying to recruit new eating disorder business?

9:15am There is something very funny about watching Sesame Street in the MRI waiting room while listening to Concrete Blonde on the Ipod

9:16am I can’t believe I’m missing the Concrete Blonde concert tonight…Cancer sucks.

9:17am Cancer….I hate you….Now stop thinking about it…

9:30am What’s even weirder than Big Bird and “Mexican Moon” is this computer animated dinosaur show on PBS. These cute kid dinos hop a train to adventure, and this week they’re looking for dinosaur fossils. Granted, I’m missing the audio for context, but this seems freakish and inappropriate. This is like me taking VB and his preschool class to dig up graves…”See kids, your Great Uncle Ray!”. Probably doesn’t help that Florence + the Machine are playing in my ipod at the same time.

10:00am Okay, it should be over by now…Where are they?

10:01am Something is wrong.

10:02am Nothing is wrong — don’t be an idiot. They’ll be out any minute.

10:15am He’s out — and sleeping wrapped in that blanket he looks like a tiny mother theresa.



10:50am Clearclearclearclear

Rest of Day: Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou…


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