I remember (not fondly) the many evenings while VB was still in treatment, where we’d clear the dinner table and bring out the medications. Vials, tubes and syringes of saline would spread out before us like a great puzzle, and we’d prepare the various cocktails to administer over the next 24 hours. Even VB would help — proving that in Hell, you can still find quality time.

To the present day…where there are five of them on the counter in front of me. One prevents breathing problems. Two are fish oil. One is for allergies. The last — and most recent — a popular medication to deal with pesky triglycerides.

Of course, these aren’t VB’s medications. They are mine.

There it is, staring me in the face — mortality, middle age, the regimen of drugs that we slowly accumulate as we move from the invincibility of youth to the balanced reality of adulthood. Gone are the days where my doctor said to me, “you are the most boring patient I’ve ever had — you’re in perfect health!”

Granted, I have nothing to complain about, and in fact I am in decent shape (except for my general distaste for athletics and my ongoing inability to commit to a yoga regimen). However, I’ve come to the place in life where the “genetic predispositions” can sometimes rear their head and say, “hey, chump — get ready to bring the prescription co-pays!”

I wonder if there’s another way. Perhaps I blow the cobwebs of my bike and get back on it. Perhaps I eat only lettuce and plain boiled chicken for the rest of my life.

Screw it.

I grab my water, sigh, and down the expanded version of my “eternal life cocktail”.



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2 responses to “Drugs

  • Papa Bradstein

    Amen, brother. I do ride my bike almost every day, and I’m still doped up on claritin (and sudafed on bad days like today), not to mention the occasional bouts with various cough remedies when the claritin can’t keep up with the pollen count. And the tylenol when I can’t keep up with the bike riding or sleep deprivation.

  • mummaboox2

    Ah, my friend, I have no doubt that come Thursday, I will be joining you in the statin line. Despite my best (ok, almost best) efforts at cycling every day and watching what I eat, my LDL will be laughing at me all the way to the pharmacy. There are only so many items covered in flax that one can eat in a day. 🙂

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