A Whole Hand Old

Happy 5th, son — Daddy loves you. AArgh!


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4 responses to “A Whole Hand Old

  • mummaboox2

    Cutest pirate, ever!!! Happy Birthday, VB!

  • Uncle Jim and Aunt Nancy

    We knew Declan had a birthday this week and we anxiously checked your website! Thank you so much for posting his picture! Glad to hear everything is going so well, I’m sure you celebrated a very special day! Sending Love xoxoxox

  • Jill

    Happy birthday to your son!!!!!!!!! FIVE!

    I’m an AT/RT parent currently in Boston getting proton radiation for my daughter. Would love to email you in regards to how things have gone for you since treatment. Email me when you get a chance at jekyomail at yahoo.com
    Thanks! Jill

  • Arnie

    Happy Birthday Declan!

    Your admirer,
    Arnie ‘Marathon Man’

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