A Very Special Episode

So after months of avoiding the television in favor of evenings working…or reading…or staring at Vampmommy saying “hey, don’t I know you”…We’ve spent the last few nights reconnecting with our friends in TV-land through the wonder of the DVR. And you’ll never guess what we have discovered?

I think now is the time I am supposed to say: “SPOILER ALERT!”

Kitty has cancer; so does Lt. Van Buren. And Lynette, who was treated for cancer not-too-long ago, is now pregnant — and impressive feat given how chemo can impact fertility.

I know there’s nothing like cancer to add a touch of deep drama and a potential Emmy-nod to a TV show. However, those of us who have lived in that world for real usually just sigh and think “oh, here we are again”, examining every plot point for the slightest sense that they have any idea what it’s really like. Sometimes they get it right, and other times we laugh at something wildly inaccurate — in our minds as big a gaff as the boom mike falling into the shot and hitting the actor on the head.

So much for television as escapism.

However, if anyone from Lifetime TV is reading, no one has optioned our story — and we’ve got college tuition to pay for one day…..


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