My wife and I — the former of which who’s artsy prowess is the envy of many — spent our early Christmas’s together mastering the art of holiday card-making. Our cards were the talk of the town, often hand made with a level of style, elegance and creativity that would transcend mere holiday greetings and function more as an annual gift of art. We’d spend weeks pouring over paper, scissors, hand-drawn designs and grommets in an attempt to craft the most stylish symbols of our well wishes to friends and family imaginable.

Cut to three weeks ago — when we took a moment to look up from our computers and work-brought-home, to stare at one another blankly.

VM:  So….Christmas cards this year? If we’re going to do it, I’ll need help.

VD: (after 30 seconds of thought and a sigh). Uh….No

VM: Sounds good.


Yes, the times being what they are we have reduced ourselves from personalized greetings to nothing — without even the “annual family letter” as a transition point. I hope all of my family and friend readers will forgive us for this seasonal indiscretion, but after a busy fall and even busier early winter, the best we can do is send positive thoughts and post the occasional “Merry Christmas”-related messages via our cyber-lives.

So rather than something made with raffia and velum, please accept this post as my wish to each and every one of you for a safe and happy holiday season. I’ll be back in 2010 with further musings on the Vamp-front. In the meantime, enjoy a little holiday music from my muse Siouxsie (and Robert Smith, who I think was hitting the egg nog a little too much before picking up the symbols to shoot this number).


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2 responses to “Holly-daze

  • mumma boo

    No worries, my friend. The only reason our cards got done this year was because there was a sale on them in November. 🙂 Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and that 2010 is very, very good to the Vamp family!

  • Amanda Allen

    Hi, I’ve been reading your blog since Aiden went to heaven. Would you consider revisiting CBTRF.org and possibly adding CBTRF to your cancer sucks but they don’t list? Thanks Vamp family!

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