My Wish List

Ah, fall — so lovely, and so fleeting. It seems just moments ago fall was crisp in the air, and VB was rockin’ the pumpkin set. Then the eye blinks, a cold wind swoops in, and now there’s a white coating on the ground and I wonder where I’ve been.

Only thing to note at the moment (more notes to follow soon, I PROMISE), is that VB returns to Chez Healing for his next MRI on Tuesday. This will be a biggie — 3 year post-diagnosis scan. As they are all “biggie” in my mind I’m not sure it matters much, other than to say we’ve had a long and lucky road and we want desperately for it to continue.

I’ll be tweeting the days adventures as much as I can (note the feed to your right). So, if you find yourself sitting on Santa’s lap in the next day or so, please ask him for a clean scan. Then, book an appointment with your therapist, as I’m guessing my average reader is slightly older than a 9-year old and I’d wonder what the hell you’re doing sitting on Santa’s lap anyway…..


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