3 AD

BC = Before Cancer

AD= After Diagnosis

On that day, there was the sound.

It woke me from sleep — something other-worldly, and entirely wrong. Glancing at the red light flashing from the baby monitor, I feel my stomach leap into my throat, the thoughts of something is wrong springing into my head before my feet hit the floor; just before I run down the hall — before I walk into his room, and in an instant enter a completely different world, not of my design.

Today — three years later — there is the sound…Of birds chirping in the early emergence of morning. Of eager discussion about the forthcoming day: who will take VB to school, what day of the week is it (“Daddy, is it a ‘stay home day’ yet?”), what to have for breakfast.

All mundane conversations to most, but miracles to us. Yet another day to be present in the wonder of the true gift that is this day.


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