VB 8, C 0, Turkeys — Gobble.

On Monday, a deer was discovered wandering around downtown Boston. After a day of chasing it around the city, it was sadly hit by a car.

On Tuesday, as we drove to Chez Healing for VB’s MRI, we drove past two very large, adult turkeys — right in the middle of downtown Boston.

On Wednesday, after receiving the good news that the MRI was once again clear, we witnessed Boston’s finest rounding up at least one of the said turkeys, along with a nest containing 8 eggs. VB’s loud announcement in the waiting room of clinic was priceless. “DAD! DAD! THERE….ARE….TURKEEEEEYS!!!!!!!!!”

We never did see what happened to the second adult turkey, but nevertheless nature seems to have declared war on the urban landscape. Any moment now sheep a cattle will be conducting their own pride parade downtown.



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4 responses to “VB 8, C 0, Turkeys — Gobble.

  • Heather Janules

    Well, cows were the initial urban designers of Boston so this makes sense!

    So happy that VB’s scan was clear. Wonderful, wonderful news!

    The godson of one of our members has a brain tumor in the same family as VB’s. His outcome does not look as positive. Please keep Aiden and his loved ones in your heart: http://chathamaidan.blogspot.com/

  • the manny

    Perhaps they can have Bruce Willis come officiate over the parade and sing “Barnyard Boogie”.

  • mumma boo

    Hooray for VB! So very happy to hear that the scan was clear!

  • TwoBusy

    Hey… sorry I haven’t stopped by in a bit. PSYCHED to hear about the newest all-clear. Also psyched by the return of wild turkeys to the greater Boston area… it never fails to excite me when I see them waddling around.

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