Rites of Spring

Uh, hello there. Maybe you remember me? I used to blog… Then I became a slacker. Mummaboo even came a-knockin’ and I didn’t wave!

What can I say? I guess I’ve been spending way too much time tip-toeing through the tulips. But they sure are pretty!


This was taken by yours truly during a recent weekend-away with the VM to wander around, stare at one another and say “Hey, I know you”. And, in a few days time, I will be sailing the skies en route to Florida to visit with family and officiate a wedding. Apparently Vampdaddy is some sort of role model…Who knew?

Nothing more to add at the moment, friends — but wanted to say that I am still around, even if I haven’t been regaling you lately with stories of Vampboy’s ongoing obsession with The Little Mermaid (as evidenced by his decision to finally name his stuffed dog Max — a Vampdaddy trinket if you can name the connection there). I don’t know if I’ll have access to the ‘net much this week, but if not I promise to tweet any exciting observations from VB’s first plane ride. I also promise to return here in the nearer future for more amusing tales. Thanks for sticking around!

(And, to those of you who have already donated to the walk – you rock!)


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4 responses to “Rites of Spring

  • Anonymous

    But were you tiptoeing through the tulips with a ukulele? (Yes, I had to look up that spelling. Heh.)

    Have a wonderful trip! You deserve it!

  • mumma boo

    Ok, yeah, that above comment was me. Sorry. Can you tell I haven’t finished my coffee yet?

  • MFA Mama a.k.a. "Eliza"

    He named him after Prince Eric’s dog, of course 🙂 Makes perfect sense to me. Glad to hear you and VM got a weekend away, and can’t wait to hear what VB thinks of the plane!

  • Lainey-Paney

    Yes, indeed the prince’s dog!

    And sometimes, no news is good news, right?

    Have fun in FL!

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