Be and Be Not Afraid

Sorry, folks — the scoreboard is frozen. 

VB’s MRI came back yesterday, and to borrow from The Bard….”Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”.

We unfortunately are not yet sure what the white ghost-like area on the scan is. Yes, it could be the unthinkable, or it could be some late-effect condition that is non-“c-word” but still something to be concerned about. It could be nothing, or it could be everything.

So with the reality of less than stellar news on a Friday (while the attending physicians are all at a conference to boot) we are in a waiting place. Phone calls, emails and conversations have commenced, but it won’t be until Monday that we expect more clarity. In the meantime, VB has two birthday parties to attend this weekend, a stack of books due back at the library, and a date to watch me speak at an American Cancer Society luncheon for caregivers and survivors (the irony is not lost on that one). Life at the moment goes on.

As more information comes I will share it here, but knew that it wouldn’t help to wait on posting since I mentioned the MRI was coming. Once again we reach out for prayers, meditations and calls to the universe.


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