At the Beginning of a New Day, Part 2

During the break in a staff meeting today, people shared there stories and feelings about the inauguration. One staff member who was in DC talked about walking past an African American woman who sat on a bench with her elementary school-aged son, telling him the story of America; “and so they put people in chains, loaded them on boats, and brought them here….”

Others on staff shared there observations. Several shed tears as we discussed the historic nature of the day. I thought for a about contributing my own observation, but stopped.

For me, this moment and its miracle is not that I am around to see it — but my 4 year old son is. For him to come home yesterday and tell me he knows the name of the President is something that almost didn’t happen.

I blinked. I breathed. I envisioned sharing this observation, the group descending into awkward silence — and opted to keep it to myself. Another day of quiet miracles, totally lost on most.


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2 responses to “At the Beginning of a New Day, Part 2

  • mumma boo

    Indeed. This is for you my friend, hope you can feel it: *quietly and fiercely hugs laptop*

  • Lainey-Paney

    I think it is amazing that we as a country get to finally experience this. It’s amazing that we’ve come so far.

    It’s very much a wonderful thing that your son gets to see it. On one hand—it’s a very normal thing that he would get older, and learn new things, and one day he would come to you & tell you something new that he’d learned (as in, who the President is!) On the other hand—every “normal” thing is a new & exciting miracle for your family. I imagine that many…or all of those “normal” moments are overwhelmingly emotional.

    Given the journey your family has been on….I think your perspective is…. gosh, what’s the word? right? understandable? I don’t know.

    I think it’s okay to say/think: “whatever is going to happen is going to happen…history is always in the making. I’m just glad that my son is here to see it.”

    I’m glad VBoy is here to see it!

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