At the Closing of the Year

The snow is falling — again — and thoughts turn to the year in review. I feel a list coming on.

1. VB remained NED (No Evidence of Disease), got his chunky cheeks and hair back, and is rockin’ the preschool set. Yea!
2. Vamppuppy came to us care of Make-A-Wish. Yea!
3. Vamppuppy ate through several pairs of shoes, 5 dog beds, 6 rolls of toilet paper, and carpet. What carpet he didn’t chew was stained or otherwise tarnished by several “house training” episodes. A severe bout of puppy pneumonia also proved that there is indeed “no such thing as a free lunch” (or, in this case, puppy). Boo.
4. Post-treatment financial woes reared their ugly head. Boo.
5. Both VM and I got new jobs that pay well and can help with #4. Yea!
6. I taught my first college course — and in the end I think I might do it again. Yea!
7. I got to spend a few days in NYC with my good friend the Manny — who then visited us later in the year to take me to a Nine Inch Nails concert, thereby ensuring I remain in touch with culture. Yea!
8. The Election. Yea!
9. The Economy. Boo.
10. We took our first vacation as a family ever. Big, fat YEA!

All in all, not a bad year. Granted, anything is better than our 2007 spent in Cancer World, so I remain easy to please with the knowledge that it could have been worse.

So, to celebrate reaching the end of the year with all of our fingers and toes, I’ve prepared a little treat for you all at Itunes – call it my first ever “mix for the masses” — 8 tracks from 8 artists whose stuff I listened to in 2008. Here’s a rundown:

1. Little Bird by Goldfrapp. VB used to dance around the house to Ride a White Horse from their previous album. I imagine he’d skip through a field of daisies to this track.

2. Cemeteries of London by Coldplay. Ranks a 9 on the Goth Scale.

3. Leeds United by Amanda Palmer. I know I’ve spoken of Amanda a few times on my blog, and there’s a good reason. In my opinion, Who Killed Amanda Palmer is the best album of the year. If you don’t own it, go get it.

4. 1,000,000 by Nine Inch Nails. The Manny helped me re-discover Trent in all his techno-alternative glory — and the concert was visually stunning. Rock on with your bad self.

5. 4 Minutes by Madonna. Okay, this is complete ear candy and not her best work — but it was a more family-friendly choice from the pop world than Janet Jackson’s Feedback, which includes the rather unsettling line “My swag is serious/somethin’ heavy like a first-day period”. Creativity in pop music is on its last leg.

6. It’s all Right by Dar Williams. To recover from the previous pop-mess, I thought a selection of grounding folk music was in order.

7. Can’t Go Back Now by The Weepies. I’ve grown to love this group, and the video for this song wins the “Cute Award”

8. Hometown Glory by Adele. The Manny actually introduced me to her in 2007, but her album just came out in the US this year — so I’m counting it.

So, take that Itunes gift card you got for the holidays and put it to good use by going HERE. Happy New Year!


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