Hello, lovelies! Thanks for finding me in my new Lair. I figured a move would be a good change for the new year — much like a new haircut (when I had more hair to cut) or a new outfit (when I had money to buy clothes). I couldn’t afford a luxury box over at Typepad, but this puts me in the esteemed company of Mumma boo and and that’s some damn fine company.

I’ll be working on sprucing up the place over the next few weeks. Gothy-kitchy-cool banner suggestions are welcomed. In the meantime, please check out the “About AT/RT page” for information on an upcoming event to advance the treatment of the cancer that Vampboy has battled.

Here’s to a New Year and all of the “newness” it can bring!


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3 responses to “Rising

  • Mumma Boo

    Well, howdy neighbor! Can I borrow a cup of garlic? I’m all out. You’re some pretty damn fine company yourself. :)Happy New Year, VampFamily!

  • Francesca

    Exactly! To a new Year filled with all good and new things!!! we have been through a lot mate and we deserve a fresh new , smelling of new even, brand new Year!
    to you, VM and VB …. I wish you only good things!
    ciao ciao

  • TwoBusy

    Bienvenue aux new digs, replete w/creepy new photo image at the top. I presume that’s VB doing his “Scout in the Ham Costume” thing, only in hyper-saturated blue. Unless that’s a wedding ring on a blue finger wrapping around your (?) face, in which case… never mind.

    Anyhow. Welcome… and welcome back.

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