Thank you, Thank you

1. Thank you to members of the “Stem Cell Cyclists” team, who as of last weekend had raised over $100,000 while participating in the Pan Mass Challenge with VB as their “pedal partner“! Since last year’s ride took place while he was in the hospital, it was a great treat to be able to hang out at one of the water stops this year and cheer the team on!

2. Thanks to everyone at my “old job” for the send-off. I miss you all already.

Yes, I have an “old job” because….

3. Thanks to everyone at my “new job” for making me feel welcome! I know I’ve yet to speak of it here, but I was offered a great chance to expand my horizons and take on an ambitious project covering the whole “vamp state”. There’s a lot to learn, but I’m a week and a half in an loving every minute of it!

4. Sadly, NO thanks to the seizure gnomes that took it upon themselves to once again dance around in VB’s head — not once, but twice in the last week. It appears that our little man is growing up fast, and while his weight has not gone up, his little “I think I can” metabolism decided to ramp-up a bit and drop the effectiveness of his medication dose. So we’ve upped it yet again, and hope that the gnomes go back into hibernation…Forever.

5. Thanks to Chez Healing and VB’s treatment team — who are willing to address our concerns regarding the “other” potential reason for #4. They’ve moved up VB’s next MRI date to this coming Tuesday, August 12th (it was supposed to be later in the month). So we only have to wait a week to put to bed any fears that the gnomes are the least of our worries.

6. Lastly, thanks to everyone who has donated so far to my Jimmy Fund Walk effort (see the link on the left of the page if you’d like more info on this shameless plug). Truth be told I’ve yet to pound the pavement in preparation — as the new job/gnome battle has kept me quite busy. However, mentally I’m already walking, and isn’t half the battle psyching oneself up? I guess we’ll find out after they carry my over the finish line in September.


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2 responses to “Thank you, Thank you

  • the manny

    My suggestion is to find yourself a good pair of walking shoes for this….my guess would be that your Doc Martins won’t feel especially bouncy for the whole fundraiser. ; )

  • Francesca Giessmann

    i will be thinking of the VF 2morrow..
    sending you courage and hope
    big kiss

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