Post-Turkey Haze

It has been an entertaining holiday weekend at the Vamp Lair. Thanksgiving day was a family affair with Turkey in all it’s forms — turkey pot pie for lunch, sliced turkey and cheese for snack, and then the full-on tryptophan-tastic traditional turkey dinner. Yummy! The rest of the weekend has been spent visiting with friends, eating left-overs, and playing games – including the New England favorite of candlepin bowling. Those of you not living on the East Coast have no idea what you’re missing!

The next MRI has been scheduled for February 1st. Having a date assigned is an odd feeling — I guess a reminder that it’ll be a long time before C-Camp is out of sight. In the meantime, Vampboy has happily transitioned off all of his medications (except for an anti-biotic he’ll stay on for six months), and this weekend we are celebrating the end of his overnight feeds through his MIC-KEY Button. The button has to stay in awhile longer as we wait for proof that his growing appetite isn’t going away, but to go through a day without having to “plug him in” for medications or that bland gray liquid is something I never thought I’d see — much like his hair, which is starting to make a subtle appearance on his shiny little head.

Thanks to all who emailed and shared compliments about VB’s Thanksgiving picture. I should note that it was taken by his teacher at school, who has been gracious enough to send us detailed photojournalist-quality reports on his days at “Chez Learning”. How she is able to get him to sit there and smile without a “don’t take my picture” freak-out is beyond me. It speaks volumes to her talent, and the fact that I think VB has a crush on her. What a player!

With Thanksgiving 2007 a thing of the digestive past, you may be wondering what would make Turkey Day 2008 even better. Might I recommend a Turducken? I friend introduced me to the concept recently, and while I’ve yet to try one, I gravitate to the idea like drivers slowing down to look at the results of a violent car accident. I mean, who the hell thought this up?


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7 responses to “Post-Turkey Haze

  • Mr Big Dubya

    Ahhhh = candlepin bowling. Saturday mornings on Ch. 5 with Don Gillis; weeknights with Bob Gamere and Candlepins for Cash – there is nothing more regional than that.

  • Henitsirk

    Great news about the little one!

    My dad said they had a turducken this year, but I haven’t heard how it was.

  • Anta

    It’s so great to hear you talk about such apparently ordinary things now, like Turkey! Great news about Vampboy’s new little milestones…slowly and steady wins the race!

  • Lainey-Paney

    that turducken seems sooooooo gross to me.

  • Francesca Giessmann

    the hair on his shinny hair sounds lovely.. the turdunken sounds SOOOOOO GROSSSS!! How do they get it all inside.. I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW !
    good to hear all is good! Life is good here !

  • Anonymous

    Why stop at turducken when you could have a Osturducken, a turducken stuffed into an Ostrich? Or perhaps a PterOsturducken, and have it stuffed into a pterodactyl?
    Ok, maybe the cold meds are having an effect on me…
    Glad to hear that things are going well, and enjoying reading and seeing the progress VB is making. 🙂
    heather a~*

  • Anonymous

    Candlepin bowling…Oh how I miss that! Anyway, I actually saw turducken being prepared on the food network this week. It really looks good. The pictures of Vampboy are so cute..It will be fun to see him with hair (what color is it coming in as)?? Every day is a new day – Keep holding on to positive thoughts and each day will get better! Love and Miss You All! Aunt Anna

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