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6 responses to “Gobble

  • Anta

    What an absolute cutie!

  • Fez

    This picture is so cute it hurts!
    – H

  • Jenster

    Teehee. Here’s to a fantastic Thanksgiving at your house!!

  • Lainey-Paney

    So cute.
    I love it.

  • justme519

    Wishing all of the vampfamily a very Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you so much for sharing your family, and journey. For that I’m grateful. The “little turkey” is absolutely precious. Again, Thanks. Tanya

  • Anonymous

    Well it is about time you heard from the Ex yanks from over the pond!- and not a moment too soon.
    So glad to hear that there is a little light showing at the end of the very long tunnel. We got your invitation the day before the party so it was a bit late to book a flight (LOL). Saw flights were only $350 return for the day before Thanksgiving and had thought a surprise visit was in store but alas that has not panned out- it would have been so much fun to see everybody again- especially the Vampfamily. hopefully the day will come soon.
    A picture of Vampbaby is on our fridge and so you are never far from our thoughts.
    With love,
    Helen, Tim, Maddie and Roan

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