Future Tense

We are sitting, staring at the screen with rapt attention — our hands wringing in worry, our eyes wide with fear. There it is, right in front of us; that thing that can make our dreams come true, or be the potential truth to our deepest fear.

What is it we’re looking at — and MRI Scan? Test results?

Not this time. This time it’s the Weather Channel .

My wife and I have always been party people. Before VB was born, before we downgraded from home ownership to condo rental, it was not uncommon for us to throw one or two bigs parties a year. All the trappings were present; good music, great food and self-designed invitations that would make Martha Stewart head back to prison pleading for mercy from the sheer beauty of it.

The last year-plus of cancer drama had taken the party out of life — until now. With the end of treatment upon us, and our son’s eyelashes starting to grow back, our families have come together to put on a bit of a bash this Saturday for our little guy. With a gaggle of people expected, plans have been made for a largely outdoor event.

Hence the current moment, and several over the past week, as we have been glued to any number of tv and web-based weather reports, watching the forecasts. There’s nothing worse than clouds, wind and rain to put a damper on a 2 year-old’s bouncy house fun. And, as it happens, it’s looked for awhile like Mother Nature didn’t get the “Don’t F#$%^ with the Vampfamily” memo.

The latest looks like morning showers will give way to clouds, but nothing that would get in the way of frolicking in the fields. Good thing — as the idea of trying to reschedule a party with over a hundred guests doesn’t really appeal to me.

Although, it’s nice to worry about something normal like the weather.

Most family and friends should have received info about “said event”, but if you didn’t and your local, email me for details…And watch the skies for sun.


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3 responses to “Future Tense

  • Papa Bradstein

    Regardless of the weather, given the occasion, a splendid time is guaranteed for all. I’m looking forward to many future posts about weather, laundry, and bad traffic.

  • Angela

    I wish I could be there with you guys. I’m sure it will be a wonderful party.

  • Anonymous

    I wish that we could all be there with Vamp family. Its such a great occasion I wouldn’t care if it rained. I am sure that everyone will have a wonderful time…God Bless, We miss you all….Uncle Jim, Brenda and family

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