End Begins

And so it comes to this — on Friday of this week, we will enter into the hospital for Vampboy’s last chemo round.

We are ready, yet we aren’t. We are excited, terrified, tired, energized — it is a schizophrenic time. But ready or not, here it is.

To mark the event, there will be some special posts, starting Friday night — so if you’re around this weekend, tune in for sure (or check back next Monday and catch up). This is a profound moment to share with our community — and you, dear reader, are a part of it.

In the meantime, and with thanks to Metrodad for posting this in his blog, please check out the video below. It’s really intense, really beautiful, and captures what cancer can do to a person.

To Friday….



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7 responses to “End Begins

  • Fez

    My thoughts and love are with you in the midst of this rite-of-passage. I hope this ending is a beginning of happy, healthy years ahead!

    – Heather

  • Mr Big Dubya

    Here’s hoping that everything goes well for you, your wife and especially VampBoy – I will certainly check in over the weekend. All my best.

  • justme519

    WOW! I have silently followed your blog for months but, today I was conpelled to reply. VB’s tx. is nearly over and I hope that this is the begining healing and peace for your family. The video was very touching. I will stay tuned.

  • Anta

    ….WOW. It’s ironic, yet also heartwarming and strangely reassuring, to know that such incredible beauty and positivity can come from such heartache and from “seemingly” no-win situations….much like watching a beautiful coloured flower spring from the cracks in grey cement – so unexpected, yet so tangible and real. One’s strength of spirit can be an amazing thing as the doctor in that inspiring video showed, and YOUR strength of spirit, Vampdaddy, definitely comes shining through your blog and into your readers’ hearts. May this new milestone in your precious little VampBoy’s treatment mark the beginning of continual good health and healing, and may it be testament to the fact that battles, no matter how burdensome, CAN be won. Much love and strength to you and your family.

  • Francesca Giessmann

    dear vampdaddy…
    from switzerland I will be sending good energy to Vampboy as he enter his final treatment… i will look forward to great/inspiring reading over the week end. As someone who enter the hospital for my own last treatmnet only a few weeks ago I know the symbolic (and factual) meaning of this.
    stay strong
    all my best to the entire vamfamily

  • Denver Dad

    Good luck! I’m looking forward to reading good news when I’m back on Monday!

  • Pat

    Here, here…to Friday

    All Our Love,
    The Corlin Family

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