…And away, in my beautiful balloon!

This weekend took us to a family wedding, followed by a full day at a children’s story-themed amusement park — that would be us way up in the air above. Since Vampboy is at the tail end of a chemo cycle, now is the time to crunch in as much normal playtime in public as possible.

I’m still not sure when the next round (second to last) starts — it was supposed to be tomorrow, but with a lower than needed platelet count over the weekend we’re not sure he’ll make it. A delay may be in the cards, but hopefully only a couple of days.



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2 responses to “Up….

  • Papa Bradstein

    Sweet! Who doesn’t love a ferris wheel? 3B loves balloons, so I can’t imagine the flailing, laughing, and wiggling that would ensue if he actually got to ride in one. (I think when he got off, he might change his name to Montgolfier.)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Vampdaddy,
    I saw your posting on http://www.rhabdoidkids.com a couple of weeks ago and thought I would check out your blog. (My son was diagnosed with Rhabdoid Tumor of the Kidney and is almost two years post diagnosis). I’m glad I did. You’ve done a spectacular job of articulating what it is like to be the parent of a child going through brutal cancer treatment. I was up last night into the wee hours of the morning reading the archives. I had many, many “been there moments.” I am amazed with your ability to convey what you are going through without getting into the nitty gritty medical stuff and keep it entertaining…..for lack of a better word. You have quite a gift for writing. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with this last bit of Vampbaby’s treatment!
    Jackson’s mom

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