Plan (to) B

Things change so quickly. I still wander most of my days in a shock that a little over a year ago, all I did was open a door — and suddenly my life was changed forever. In an instant, everything you know (or think you know) about your very existence can be taken from you.

Othergirl’s situation is not good. The tumor was indeed another AT/RT tumor, meaning that her cancer has spread. In addition, they were unable to remove the entire growth, as part of it was wrapped around her brain stem (the most common location for these tumors).

Yes, it is as bad as it sounds – so questions are being asked, options are being weighed. Meanwhile, Vampmommy and I balance our grief for Othergirl with our fear of how vulnerable Vampboy still is.

Just when you think the coast looks clearer……


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6 responses to “Plan (to) B

  • Fez

    The only prayer I can think to say is “Oh, shit.” (Pardon my language.)

  • Papa Bradstein

    We’re all thinking of, meditating for, praying over, aligning our crystals, doin’ the hokey pokey, singing psalms, and envisioning a bright future for you, Vampmommy, Vampboy, and Othergirl and her family. We may not be near you, but we are with you.

  • Anonymous

    So sorry to hear about Othergirl’s recurrence. Your family is always in my thoughts and prayers, and i’ll add Othergirl’s family as well.
    I recently lost my uncle after a long battle with lymphoma, and he had a great pin in his room that i wanted to take. I reads simply, “Cancer Sucks.”
    And indeed it does. Now my beloved 3 1/2 year old kitty, Jeeves, most likely has lymphoma himself. And since i’ve yet to have children, he IS my child. I’m in no way comparing my situation to yours, only the fact that i can relate to the pin.
    Cancer Sucks.
    heather a~*

  • Anonymous

    So sorry about OtherGirl! Words just cannot exress how awful it must be. I’m optimistic and hopeful that our special VampBoy will beat this devil! Love you! Anna

  • pete

    Oh god. Having met Othergirl during my time as the manny certainly makes this post hit harder than it usually might. How awful. I sincerely hope there is brighter news somehow in the cards for them.

  • Pat

    Oh how my heart aches at hearing this news. There are no words that can express the sorrow that this evil disease has spread. She is too precious for this. They are all too precious…Now it is my turn to ask again “WHY?”

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