Birds of My Neighborhood

At the beginning of the summer, a pair of morning doves decided to make their nest in a hanging plant on our deck. The deck is off of our bedroom, and Vampmommy had just finished putting out flower pots and our little table and chairs for the season when they arrived and claimed the deck as their own.

While we were disappointed that our outdoor living space had been hijacked, we enjoyed the front-row seating to watch them build their nest and start a little birdy-family. As it turns out, morning doves can nest 4 or 5 times a season, and typically use the same location. This worked out in our favor, when the new babies and parental units flew the nest the first time I approached with a camera.

Fortunately, I caught them the next time around:

It takes about two weeks for hatching to take place, and after daily checking and Vampboy starting each morning with “morning birdies!”, the not-so-little bundles made themselves known:

Of course, there’s nothing like witnessing a member of the animal kingdom start a family to leave one dripping with metaphoric comparisons to one’s own life. However, I’m satisfied with listening to Vampboy talk about his “baby birdies” as he looks out the glass doors, into the woods behind our house.

This weekend it looks like the window will have a different view, as our treatment schedule has once again arrived at the place where a fever and trip to Chez Healing are in order. But I’m hoping that we’ll come home to find one last family-in-the-making before the end of summer.


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4 responses to “Birds of My Neighborhood

  • Anonymous

    Great pics! How beautiful. 🙂
    heather a-p~*

  • Papa Bradstein

    Great pics. It’s good that you’re not stretching the parallel too far, since they’re notoriously horrible nesters. At Mom’s house, one pair would always try to build a nest atop a set of cone shaped lights that she had out back, which resulted in a pile of sticks on the ground. I’m not sure what happened with the eggs, but I’m pretty sure that they met the same fate the sticks did. We finally looked it up and found that they’re pretty well known for such bird-brained behavior. So, it probably helps that they nest often. Besides, more chances for Vampbaby to see his baby birdies.

  • pete "the manny"

    Very nice pics, VD! : D

  • Anonymous

    Baby “Birdies” – How wonderful! That is something you just don’t see everyday. It must be nice for all 3 of you to watch.
    OtherGirl has all of us thinking of her and and hoping that her health gets better very soon. Vampfamily, I’d love to hug all three of you … If only I could take away the sadness and fear for only a short time…I would! Love you so much! Aunt Anna

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