Stop the Insanity!

We are delayed…AGAIN. Vampboy was supposed to start chemo on Tuesday, but was delayed because his immune counts (called “ANC”) weren’t high enough, and neither were his platelets. So, we go through the complex process of getting him, Vampmommy, and his cadre of drugs and other supplies into the car for a trip to Boston this morning, only to discover upon arriving that today’s lab work shows his ANC is fine, but his platelets are too low — the count being 72.

It needs to be 75 to start. 3 points off, and we’re now in a holding pattern until Monday. That is, provided that his ANC doesn’t drop below 1000, which it could. If that happens…Tuesday? Wednesday? Of course, that also means that the calendar pushes forward, so our end date now looms a week longer away.

To add to the angst this causes is the fact that we are now on “bonus time”. Had there been no delays, and no additional chemo that came with radiation, we’d be done this week. That was never going to happen, as that’s now how chemo works, but it adds just enough salt to the soul’s wound to sting.

On the bright side, I’m hoping I can carve out a little date-time with VM this weekend, since VB will be in good health and able to hang out with a loving family member for awhile. We’ll squeeze some lemonade from this rotten lemon yet!


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2 responses to “Stop the Insanity!

  • Lainey-Paney

    Well…I’ll be pulling for those platelets to come up…

    …and I’ll be pulling for you & your date-nite with VM.

  • jenamore

    Hi –
    Just wanted to offer you a few words of encouragement. I may be a stranger – but I was 16 when I was diagnosed with a very aggressive and very rare stage 4 tumor. I went through 9 treatments of the most aggressive chemo cocktail they gave at the time. My chemo treatments were full on – in patient week long ordeals. I would go home for about a week or so before each time returning with extreme fever and neutropenia (low counts). Each and every time it involved more hospitalization (at least 4 days – one time 14!) Additionally, each time a chemo treatment was delayed – it meant one more week that I was not able to be a “real 16 year old” and it was brutal. It happened often.
    The good news..?
    I’ll be 30 in 6 months and not only did they get the cancer & kill it all despite all of the odds – I have been 100% cancer free for 13 years now. A week or two of my life back then – is only a drop in the bucket to the years I have had for everything I have experienced since and are yet waiting behind tomorrow mornings door.
    Best and warmest and most positive wishes to all of you at vamp house (?!? 🙂 ) and I RECOMMEND PEANUT BUTTER M&M’s. No help for the red blood cells but GREAT for the platelets. I have no idea why, but it worked every time. I choose to not ever eat the dark blue ones, but it was mostly out of personal preference though because it the hue is just not a “candy” color. 😉

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