Troubles in the Rear View Mirror

5 more — that’s all of the chemo cycles VB has in front of him, with #5 in the countdown starting on Tuesday. So many behind, so few ahead; the horizon seems to get brighter with each passing day.

The downside is that it brings out my impatience — for I do not do well with transition. I fight hard not to read the last page of a book first, and as I near the end I find myself skipping words to get there faster. Just be done already, dammit!

I am trying not to let that part of me come out right now. There is still much work to be done. But talking about a normal life is incredibly addictive, particularly when you don’t have one.


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4 responses to “Troubles in the Rear View Mirror

  • Anonymous

    i have been praying for you. Sorry it has been a while since I last wrote. I hope that everything is going well. i will keep you in my thoughts!! Vampdaddys cousin Kristina

  • Papa Bradstein

    This is one addiction that it’s fine to indulge in. Here’s to Day 0, when there are zero cycles left. May it come soon and uneventfully. Yes, I’m knocking on wood as I type that.

  • Anonymous

    yeay! i am so excited for declan! (although i’m sure he will miss the friends he’s made) when will they build a starbucks in bedford?! love, meg

  • Anonymous

    Hello Family….I have been praying so much for you guys….I miss you all. I pray that everything is going to be really good for the Vamp family someday soon…love Uncle Jim and family

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