Steady On

I wish I could say that my lack of a post in many days is a result of a life unaffected by “stuff”. Really, all I want is for the day to come where someone says, “Hey, have you heard from Vampdaddy lately?” To which the responder says, “Yeah…But not much is going on in his world.”

Ah, dare to dream. In the meantime….

The button is in, and it doesn’t look at all like a mouse. It looks more like this:

The top part is what sits on Vampboy’s tummy — while the long tube with the balloon in it is the internal part. There is a separate tube that locks into the button when it’s time to use, and I have to say it’s a great thing to see him running around without a long chord permanently wrapped and taped around his stomach.

Mother’s day has come and gone, without me giving a shout to the mommy-bloggers who have been added to my blogging world. Here at the lair, Mother’s Day was spent in the hospital for the next Chemo Round, and I was without a computer for most of it. To pass the time, Vampboy and I made it a project to decorate the room with streamers and signs, and Vampmommy came back to Chez Healing on Sunday for a family party. Once again the unpleasantness of the hospital environment was forgotten, thanks to good company and a healthy dose of dinner from the Cheesecake Factory (apparently they make more than cheesecake).

Oh, and if anyone thinks otherwise, yes — my son does have the best mom on the planet.

The Dolls
Vampmommy and I were never interested in applying to our child the typical stereotypes and straightjackets of gender. Even though VM was convinced we’d have a boy, we didn’t know for sure until he entered the world with a scream (both hers and his). This left us with a cache of gender neutral clothing and toys, and we made a pact not to participate in the typical expectations of boyhood (no sports-related clothing, etc). Of course, our son grew to love trains and trucks anyway – but that has been balanced now with a baby doll. He found it in the playroom at Chez Healing and became completely enamored with it. For two days he’d carry it around with him, and even refused to go to bed unless he could sleep with it. In the morning, he’d change it’s diaper and clothes, and tried to convince it that Chex really were worth eating.

After realizing that we’d be facing a major traumatic incident when it came time to put the doll back in the playroom, I had VM bring a new doll with her when she returned to the hospital. Baby wears a yellow and duck-print pajama set, with matching booties and hat. Vampboy continues to be smitten by his little offspring, and starts each morning by asking to locate “baby”. We aren’t sure whether it’s a boy or a girl, but I’m not sure that really matters.

“I uv u”
Vampboy said those words to me, without my prompting, about a week ago. It’s one thing to love your child, but it’s something else entirely when they actively reciprocate. Tremendous.

Time — It’s all a Question of Time
It seems, after sitting down with a calendar and the treatment protocol, that as of now we are actually scheduled to end treatment in September. Granted, delays are still possible, but seeing the end on the horizon is hard to believe — like much of this experience, I suppose.

Biking Home
A relative of ours (my brother-in-law’s wife’s father…Got that?) is riding in the Pan Mass Challenge. This is a 100+ mile bike ride that raises funds for Dana Farber Cancer Institute, where Vampboy is being treated. Our little one has been selected as a “pedal partner” for my relative’s team. We got to meet the entire team a couple of weeks ago, and they presented him with this toy ramp that he is absolutely obsessed with.

My relative and his fellow riders are hoping to raise over $6,000 for Dana Farber. If you’d like to contribute, you can click here. Pick any of the “One rider” options (the donation is made through the team captain).

Treasure Hunt
I’ve had several folks comment that they can’t find us on the Cancer Collage. Trust me, we’re there! In fact, I just checked it, and on my browser at least our photo and card is on the main page when it’s opened. Just search for “Vampdaddy” and look for the little illuminated photo. Good luck!


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2 responses to “Steady On

  • Lainey-Paney

    We knew Gage was a boy when I was pregnant with him.
    But, I’m like you guys with regard to not bombarding him with “boy stuff”.
    now…through no pushing of mine or anyone else’s…he’s in LOVE with firetrucks.
    And cars.
    And balls.
    And trains.
    And bugs.
    And…typical boy things.
    On the other hand….he’ll push a stroller with a baby in it like a bad-ass daddy in training!

    I love it that vampboy has “baby.”

  • Fez

    Dear Vampdaddy:

    Thank you for this “patchwork post.” While it is a bit horrific to see the thing that will be inserted into your son’s stomach, I am glad that it will give him greater freedom…And I add my appreciation for his gender-bending nature. I understand that sometimes youngsters of all types will take the arm of a baby doll and pretend it is a gun. Stuff like that. Outside the box.

    And the recent picture is great!

    I look forward to September with a mixture of joy and concern as you anticipate the end of treatment.

    Love to you all,

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