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Happy St. Patrick’s day, one and all! The Vampfamily is getting a little down time today, with Vampboy heading to the grandparent’s, Vampmommy taking in a bit of quality time with a friend, and my plans to sit in Barnes and Noble and chew through a good book. I also plan to stop by my office for a bit, so I can watch the hordes of drunkards spill out onto the street from the local Irish-style pub that is across the way. Given that I do drug and alcohol prevention for work, it’s helpful to witness first-hand the sad display of my job security.

No real news on the “Vampboy Cancer Front” — we’re in a holding pattern to start his next chemo round until his counts rise. We’re hoping for next Friday, but that remains to be seen. It also does not help to have the local medical lab send incorrect lab results to Vampboy’s doctors, which they did this week. While it’s not amputating the wrong leg, it certainly could have put him at risk with his low immune system. We have seen any number examples of mistakes in Vampboy’s care, but I’m fortunate to have a wife who hovers like a hawk over it’s prey, ready to pounce on the first Resident that so much as blinks incorrectly.

So while we wait, Vampboy continues to obsessively clean the house with his toy vacuum and broom. While I know he will have any number of issues related to his cancer as he grows, I am now wondering if we have a little OCD patient on our hands. Fortunately, his need to keep things tidy doesn’t translate to putting his toys away yet, so I have some sense that perhaps it’s just a passing fad. However, if it means that there isn’t dog-hair tumbleweed floating across the living room floor, so be it.


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6 responses to “Vamp O’Daddy

  • Lainey-Paney

    Our son has a little vaccuum too. He LOVES it.

    Glad to hear that vampboy’s up & playing.
    (can you teach him to do laundry???)

  • Anonymous

    He’s so precious pushing that little vaccuum around! I miss you guys tons!!
    Miss Beth

  • Pete

    Looks like he’s vacuumed up a decent amount of Trix cereal… ; )

    Hope you enjoyed your brief but much earned respite this weekend. Miss all of you, and give Sketch a treat for me.

  • Fez

    Even if VampToddler does develop full-blown OCD, there is still a valuable place for him in our society. (I encourage you to watch the series “Monk” from time to time for examples. What I love about this show is that the OCD-afflicted is the hero!) As someone who has a touch of OCD myself (self-diagnosed, I admit) I say Fear Not! As you will always have job security with alcohol abuse prevention, there will always be a need to bring chaos to order through liturgy (my own vocational outlet.)

    Great picture and, as always, great courage…


  • Anonymous

    I used to work at a Kid’s Day out program (which by the way, the parents I dealt with think alot like you, which gives me hope for the younger generation). One little boy’s(he was two) favorite thing was a catalog so he could see the vacuum cleaners. He could name the different kinds and for vacation, they took him to tour a vacuum factory. I am so glad vampbaby feels like vacuuming,and playing.

    Missouri cousin, Rosemary

  • Anonymous

    I can not believe how big vampboy looks – guess it is having the vacuum next to him. Glad to hear he likes to clean….. I too have that in common with him. If it is cleaning that keeps us happy – I SAY WHY NOT??

    Love to you all, Aunt Vanessa

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