Shock and "Awwwwwww"

Well, one week into radiation therapy and Vampboy is doing shockingly well. Our surprise at this comes less with the fact of his radiation therapy (as there are little short-term side effects from that), but instead from the fact that he also had a rather intensive chemo round. Even so, he is running about, continuing to eat all of the pasta and cream cheese that he can, and overall in a great mood! This is not at all what we expected, and we are painfully aware that it probably won’t last — but we’ll take it when we can get it.

So, let us turn our attention to last night’s main event. I am, of course, not talking about the Super Bowl. Given that my favorite sport to watch is Westminster Kennel Club (to play…Candlepin Bowling), it should come as no surprise that I speak of the most brilliant piece of counter-culture television on the planet.

I speak of Puppy Bowl III.

Most stations understand that they’re hosed pretty much regardless of what they put on while the Super Bowl airs. However, while surfing for a distraction three years ago, my wife and I stumbled across this brilliant effort on the part of Animal Planet to embrace this fact, throw their production arms in the air and say, “screw it”.

Yes, there is nothing like 3 hours of puppies flopping around a mock-football field to ease the soul. Over the last couple of years they’ve added a few elements for pizazz:

Bowl Cam. This element has been there from the beginning, offering dizzying shots of dogs tongues as they lap up water in the bowl. Of course, most of the dogs are also obsessed with the light coming from underneath the bowl’s glass bottom, so they spend their time pawing the water trying to get at it.

Human Ref. The first year there was never any sign of humans — with the exception of the occasional hand that could be seen pushing the puppies down the chute and into the field. The last two years have included a referee, who calls time out to refill the water dish. Thrilling.

Kitty Half-Time Show. Forget Prince — or any concern for a “wardrobe malfunction”. Kitten’s frolicking on a mock-stage to techno music takes the cake. The excitement of watching cats lounge underneath a disco ball is of course heightened by the fake cheers that emanate from the thousands of fans painted on the walls.

Tail Gate Party Shorts. What’s a game without shots of the fans watching with baited breath? These dogs clearly know how to party, and this addition to the broadcast gave the audience a chance to connect with the “average snoopy”.

Instant Replay. Didn’t catch Spike falling on top of Lucy? Missed Fido tossing that ball in the air and hitting Pudge on the face? No worries — here it is again in slo-mo, with cheese-cloth effects to make the scene look dreamy!

Vampboy does not watch TV yet — but I think we may indoctrinate him with Puppy Bowl IV.


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7 responses to “Shock and "Awwwwwww"

  • pete

    LOL! This is truly entertaining counter-programming. I went to the website and watched a few clips. I wish they had one from this year’s halftime show…they only have one from last year which is set to a peppy jazz track. I want the disco ball and canned audience noises!

  • Anonymous

    my rooomate LOVES the puppy bowl, and the westminster.. so im right there with you on this blog… still loving the cds, thanks so much! xoxo meg

  • pete

    A comment posted on the Hater blog at The Onion AV Club:

    “Once the Superbowl was over, I was flipping and caught the “Kitty Half Time Show”. My girlfriend and I thought we were both watching some kind of terrible kitty porn with the soundtrack they used.”

    Now that I’ve seen it I totally get what they’re talking about. Lol!

  • Anonymous

    I caught Puppy Bowl I, and I completely understand your dedication. I called my mom to make fun of it, and then we both ended up watching it and discussing it for over an hour. 🙂 Those little faces just suck you right in…

  • Anonymous

    If you host a puppy bowl IV party next year you can count on Mari and I to bring snacks! Thanks for the truly delightful edscription.
    Love Nate

  • Angela

    This was my first year catching it, but it was a dorable. I think the boxer pup and the bug (or buggle?) were tied for game MVP (Most Valuable Puppy — sorry I had to).


    Puppy Bowl IV will be awesome!!

    My puppy is in it and I’m asking everyone to VOTE FOR ABBIGALE!

    She tears up the field!!

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