Wow…Have I really been away this long? In the seemingly endless suggestions on how to be an effective blogger, frequency of entries is rule #1. Needless to say, I’m in the blogging doghouse.

So, what gives? Well, it is surprisingly difficult to come up with snarky commentary when the life we are currently living goes on without much fanfare. Strangely, the “new normal” does indeed have a normalcy component that makes me feel like I’ve little news to share from day to day. Work, home, hospital — mostly in that order — has become as routine as brushing one’s teeth, and I have a feeling you don’t want me blogging about that (but thank goodness someone already does!).

Of course, then there’s the trypto-fantastic overdosing that comes with Thanksgiving. I am happy to report after arising from my holiday feast-stupor that we spent the day at home, with family. In fact, this is the first cycle that I’m proud to announce Vampboy made it through without getting a hospital-visit-causing fever! We dodged a bullet due to a minor infection he has, but they were gracious enough to let us treat it at home by adding yet another medication to the endless stream. So he has enjoyed a few weeks of home-life, with a few day trips to the Doctor’s thrown in for some check-ups and blood products.

The next big day is Tuesday, as it will take us to Boston for the all-telling MRI. We’re at the end of Phase I of treatment, so this will let us know that all the puke and blood and needles and tears and ick has been working. Limbs crossed for this one, kids!


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8 responses to “Intermission

  • Heather

    Good luck with the MRI! You are in my thoughts and best wishes…

    With love,

  • Anonymous

    Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed!
    Blessed Be!
    heather a(p) 🙂

  • Papa Bradstein

    By coincidence, we will be in Boston as well on Tuesday, but that won’t be why we’re thinking of you. As we do now, we’ll be keeping you in our thoughts, sending you our best wishes, especially on Tuesday.

  • MetroDad

    Good luck. Hope everything works out for the best. Fingers are crossed, VD!

  • pete

    My thoughts are with you for the big day tomorrow. Here’s hoping for the best results possible.

    Love you and miss you all.

  • Anonymous

    Best of luck tomorrow! I will keep the positive thoughts flowing for y’all.

    xo VampBrooklyn

  • Anonymous

    Our thoughs are with you while you are in Boston as they are everyday! Glad to hear you guys got to have Thanksgiving at home!!
    All our love,
    Ms Beth and your Harmony family

  • Anonymous

    Needless to say we have our fingers crossed and are keeping you all in our prayers today for another clear scan.

    Much love,
    Oncle Keith and Tante Elise

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