Vampboy Rocks

Well, I would have preferred to be mentioning here that Vampboy is back in the hospital to start his next chemo round, but instead we have a few days of delay since his counts aren’t high enough. So, as a consolation, here’s a photo of him studying the compilation cd created by the bands that participated in the benefit concert this weekend. A future metal-head? I think Uncle Devilman should be proud….


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10 responses to “Vampboy Rocks

  • Anonymous

    I think Uncle Devilman would be proud. Future metal head he might be…who knows?!?! Cute pic though!
    Miss Beth

  • margie

    Hello Vampfamily, to let you know that we are thinking of you and sending Greetings, love and prayers from the West Indies. Love, Margie and Jeff

  • Heather

    So adorable!

    With love,

    Heather (J)

  • pete

    This is beyond cute. Should be your brother’s next CD cover. : )

    Love y’all lots.

  • Jessica

    Definately looks like he’s gonna be into metal! You guys are in my thoughts.



  • Angela

    Well, with you two as parents, of course he has an appreciation for all types of music 🙂

    Great photo.


  • Anonymous

    He is so adorable!

    Much love

  • Uncle Wolf

    Hee deededle dee diddy dumm …

    ~Uncle Wolf

  • Kristen

    Hello all… I have been thinking about all of you quite a bit for a while, and I apologize that I’m only writing now. Laura has been keeping me up to date, and I’m wishing you and Declan all the best. Tym, I read your anniversary article and I cried!! That was absolutely amazing!! I know you are extraordinarily busy, but if you have a second to pop me an email and let me know how Declan is doing, it would be great. My address is If not, I completely understand. I wish you well, and I miss Mr. Declan!! Love, Kristen

  • keri


    i had a dream about you last night,
    i went to a meeting, and you were hosting it
    you were rocking a mad ‘fro
    a ‘stache, and some aviator glasses
    but i hugged you, and cried and cried
    i could feel the tears running down my face
    i was so happy to see you,
    and i wanted everything to be ok for you.
    Here’s to meeting again, happy, in this life or the next


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