Tomorrow (Oct. 11) marks 9 years since Vampmommy and I gathered our community in the middle of a big field and decided to become “legal”. While our current situation makes honoring this day take a back seat (I’m not even sure if it’s in the damn car), some things just need to be said. So, I’ll keep it brief…

Honey, I love you. There is no one on this earth I would rather be with. Your smile, laughter and strength have been the air I breath for as long as I can remember. Your role as a mom might be in the early stages, but your role as my other half is the cornerstone of my very existence. Nine years ago, I promised to you and our community that I would not only love you for who you were, but for who you would become in the future. Little did I know the journey that we would walk together, with it’s incredible highs and unbelievable lows, would take us to where we are. But there is no one on this planet I would have rather gone through all of this with.

Marriages are hard work for any couple, let alone one going through the hell that we are in right now. But “when we meet what we’re afraid of, we find out what we’re made of” as the song goes, and what you are made of is a grace and strength that is amazing to behold, and a beauty that is indescribable to anyone else but felt and known deeply by me. You have been strong when I have been unable to; you have lead the charge when I wanted to retreat. You have continued to give me a reason to get up out of bed and go about the day, and supported me while at the same time living on the front lines in our battle to save our son.

You have told me how amazed you are by the love and generosity that has been shown to you by our community since this all began — yet, it is no surprise to me.

You are my true joy, my sacred love, my everything. I love you.


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8 responses to “Anniversary

  • Anonymous


    Love & Prayers,

    Aunt Pauline & Uncle Ray

  • Anonymous

    To two of the most wonderful people I know…
    Happy Anniversary!
    You guys are a very loving, strong, and devoted couple. I have seen your strength and experienced your devotion on numerous occassions. The love that you have for each other will stand the test of time! I hope that my fiance and I are just as in love and devoted to each other as you are after 9 years!

  • Anonymous

    Hope you both had a wonderful day together on this special day. In this difficult time in your lives, your strength of your love will help you through the tough times! We love you so much! Anna & Family

  • Uncle Wolf

    :::applause and admiration for the happy couple::: 🙂

    Happy Anniversary! 🙂

  • MetroDad

    Happy anniversary to the both of you! What a beautiful paen to the love you have for your wife. May you continue to find strength from one another throughout these difficult times. God bless.

  • Anonymous

    What beautiful words! I hope you two were able to find a moment to celebrate your partnership on your special day. Take care.

    Love and positive energy,
    VampBrooklyn/Cousin NYC

  • Anonymous


    Lots of love to you and Mel.

    Im very happy to hear this.

    Travis gibb

    Get in touch with me.,bcsWujKiNjq


  • Anonymous

    Happy Anniversary to you!!

    I too have been without my computer for some time so have been wondering how you all are doing.

    Vampbaby has become Vampboy – how amazing – they change so quickly.

    Your wedding day is still so clear in my mind….. I tell all my friends that it was the most meaningfull wedding I have ever been to. Matter of fact a friend of mine refers to you as the kids that had the best wedding. You are both an inspiration to everyone I am sure!

    YOU ALL WILL MAKE IT THROUGH THIS TOGETHER – Declan is in the best hands possible.

    You continue to take care of each other – I love you all, Vanessa

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