My brother is in a band called Devil’s Champion. People who know me and my art-house ways find it surprising that I have a genetic counterpart who enjoys full-on, screaming death metal. However, as I’ve learned from friends who are on their second child, the differences between siblings are almost always as fascinating as the similarities.

While my brother and I are very different in some of our tastes, we are both dads who take the job very seriously. When Vampboy became ill, my brother joined the rest of the family in offering his support. But this weekend, he will take it to the next level. Thanks to his bandmates, a heavy metal concert is being held for Vampboy, the proceeds of which will go to his treatment. In addition, the bands that are performing have put together a benefit cd that will be for sale at the show that’s also available online.

I don’t post this here asking people to donate more money to my son’s treatment (although the generosity does not go unnoticed). I’m posting this information here because, while it’s not my kind of music, I believe in two things undeniably: the fact that music has a way of bringing people together, and the fact that I have the coolest brother in the world.

So, if you like the sound of walls of electric guitars complemented by the hellfire of growling lead singers, than stop by on Saturday and take a listen. It should be quite something. I’ll be the one in the back, with the required black ensemble and old leather jacket, sipping bottled water with earplus in my ears.


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2 responses to “Devilman

  • Uncle Wolf

    I’ve forwarded information about the concert to some people whom I feel may take an interest. I like the idea of the CD available on-line. Nice touch. 🙂

    I independently duplicated your suggestion to use earplugs. Nice coincidence, eh?

    Rock On!


  • Anonymous

    I saw the ad for this on starmight’s site, but i work on Saturday nights. I hope it’s amazing! 🙂
    heather a(p)~*

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