Bedtime Snack

Like the evening munchies? Well, check out what Vampboy has before departing to sleepy-land — all prepared and managed by Vampmommy and I.

1. Benadryl – pushed via IV. This helps prevent bad side effects that are caused by Reglan.

2. Reglan – pushed via IV. Helps prevent the throwing up of things.

3. Ativan – pushed via IV. Another drug to prevent overnight puking.

1. Kepra – oral (pushed through the tub in his nose). Prevent seizures, which Vampboy is at risk for due to having his brain poked at.

2. Atovaquone – oral (through that there tube!). An anti-biotic, with the look and consistency of bright yellow paint. Best to give mixed with Pedialyte to dilute.

3. TPN – this is the overnight feeding that is done via IV. Add vitamins, shake, connect to pump, prime, attach to Vamboy’s port, and off we go! Dispenses slowly over 12 hours, ensuring that the whrrrr-click of the pump lulls us through the night.

Repeat of 8pm meds. Boy, is it dark in the middle of the night.

1. Repeat of all 8pm and 2am meds. Boy, I’m freakin’ tired.
2. Protonix – pushed via an IV pump. Helps keep our little one’s tummy from producing too much acid.
3. Zofran – Pushed via IV. The main warrior in the battle against vomit.

8pm meds…again!

Didn’t I just do this?

And you thought parenting an infant that needed both breast milk and formula was challenging….


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5 responses to “Bedtime Snack

  • Ali

    Hang in there. Every hellish night that passes brings Vampboy closer to recovery. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.–Ali

  • Uncle Wolf

    Those who stand on a wall and say “Nothing will hurt you, not on my watch” (from A Few Good Men) would probably be in awe of the efforts and sacrifices you make while caring for Vampboy.

    You’re leading by good example.

    In loving sincerity,
    Uncle Wolf

  • Anonymous

    Tym and Mel,
    I was reading this to my new husband, because he knows what is going on and asks how everything is going now and again.
    I was telling him about you and your family, and about how frustrating it seems that this sort of hardship should come upon people who are so wonderful, who’ve overcome their own huge obstacles, and are such good people. I said that sometimes it makes you want to rage out at God, Karma, whatever might be that this be task be put upon your shoulders. And he looked at me, and quite simply stated, “he’s in the best hands, then. Why would the universe put a child who is about to go through this in the hands of people who don’t care or can’t handle it. No, you’d put the child in the hands of two people who have huge hearts to be able to care for him and love him and help him pull through.”

    Just thought i’d pass along what a stranger to you has gleaned from your predicament. And also to let you know that as always, you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

    heather a(p)~*

  • Anonymous

    I have followed your blogg since I heard about Vampbaby. I have to agree with your friend Heather, Vampbaby is in the best hands, yours and Mel’s. You guys are incredible. My prayers and thoughts are with you everyday.

    Rosemary, Missouri cousin

  • Patti Corlin

    Each time I sit and read the Vampfamily blogg, I set my fingers to the key board and find myself pulling away. First I have to wait for the silent tears to stop streaming down my cheeks and to clear so that I can, once again, see the keyboard. Then I realize I simply do not know where to begin or how I can share what I feel each time I read a new entry…. Most times, I walk away because I feel there just are now words…..Today, I try…..A mix of emotions goes through me every time I check in on you, the Vampfamily. There is pain and anger in my heart that all of you have to live this nightmare. I ask myself how wrong is it for such good people and such an innocent child to have to suffer this? There is admiration for the Vampfamily and especially for Vampboy. I try to picture myself in his place and wonder if I, an adult, could ever endure the abuse that this child is enduring, in order to fight this demon called cancer. I can’t imagine that I could. There is gratitude to Vampdaddy for continuing to provide your honest and often “brutal to read” descriptions of Declan’s treatments. I feel as if it keeps me connected to the Vampfamily reality. There is also the feeling of hope. Hope that somehow the all of you can feel the outpouring of love in my heart each time I read an entry. Hope that the Vampfamily feels the enormous power of all the love that is coming everyone who is reading this blogg. Hope that our being here, reading and staying connected to your reality, provides you with comfort and strength as you travel through this hell which is the Vampfamily reality.

    Love Patti

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