Tired of Sleeping

I should be in bed. However, with Vampbaby and Vampmommy returning to Chez Healing for chemo round #3 today, I am left to putter around the empty house, searching for something to take my mind off of “it all” so I can give this whole sleep thing a try. So, why not blog?

This past weekend marked the end of summer — and thank GOD for that! I’ve never been a big fan of summer, but for reasons that should be painfully clear here, this summer sucked. Now we enter fall, which is normally our favorite time of year. As one friend puts it, it’s so “brisk and leafy”, what’s not to love? Of course, it hasn’t even begun and we feel as if we’ve lost our fall — and our winter, spring and summer that follows — until Vampbaby’s treatment is over.

However, we cling to the moments of normalcy that creep in now and then, and we certainly had our share this past weekend. Vampbaby was supposed to start his next chemo round last Friday, but was delayed due to a low immune count (or “ANC” for those of you playing “Cancer Treatment Scrabble” at home). That meant that, for the first time since the weekend before Father’s Day, we had a healthy child for an entire weekend. It wasn’t until about halfway through our lunch out at a local restaurant before I looked at him, wildly pointing at the stuffed duck on the wall in front of us (when will we ever get affordable family restaurants without all of that CRAP decorating the walls?), and realized the vague sense of something familiar.

What was that, now? Oh yeah, a LIFE.

So, while we were disappointed that Vampbaby’s treatment was delayed (it will mean that he’ll miss the party that’s being thrown for him this week), it did give us the gift of a couple of days of “the way we were”. And, to prove that Vampbaby is continuing to grow and develop through this ordeal, one of our three days home was spent in the throws of what I can only describe as the “Toddler Fit from Hell”. However, I’ll take a bad mood and snarkey attitude over deathly ill any day.

And with that, I’m going to count some sheep — or something like that. Nighty night.


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