License to Parent

It has been a rough week for the Vampfamily, with our little one quite sick at the start, and quite well at the end — with a psychotic break in between, thanks to a drug reaction that some of the doctors swear made him hallucinate. After a day of pointing at nothing and violently thrashing about in some sort of rage, the drug was removed, and Vampbaby spent the next day sleeping in my arms.

On top of the topsy-turvy emotions and conditions that our little one finds himself in every day, there is the fact that our son is actually a toddler, with all of the behavioral struggles that make the age so precious. Even though we know we are living under extraordinary times (and doing so with some flair, I might add), it is easy for Vampmommy and I to feel that we are not adequate parents to care for our little one.

Then I stumble across one of the many blogs of Jay Allen, also known as Zero Boss. One of his many sites includes a daily dose of stories involving parents who should have been sterilized long before reproduction age. If you are ever feeling like you didn’t cut it as a parent, check out Parents Behaving Badly — and you’ll have no problem remembering that you may have your faults as a parent, but you’re not that bad.


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4 responses to “License to Parent

  • missouri cousin

    Unfortunately, as with many things in life, children do not come with instructions. As for being a parent, I for one, think you and Mel are doing an amazing job, and I am sure that the many people who read your blog, think the same. Please know that you all are in my thoughts and prayers every day.

    Missouri cousin

  • Uncle Wolf

    We all stumble and fall at times. What is important is the manner in which we strive to get up and continue the mission of our lives.

    Sometimes we are there to provide for others.

    Keep up the effort. 🙂

  • auntie e

    I might be biased as an auntie (Vampauntie?), but I’m also a developmental psychologist and I say you are amazing parents.

  • uncle Myrlyn

    I’ll just second Vampauntie’s comment. You two are doing a great job despite some very extraordinary circumstances guys. I think Vampbaby is a very lucky child to have two great parents like you guys.

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