Return – The Musical

The song in my mind today — here performed live by Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Wonder where that plane is leading to
Wonder where that boat will ever stop
Wonder if this path I am treading
Will disappear and let me drop
Down to a hell that’s surely waiting
Down to the hell I know that I deserve
Even though the spirit is willing
The flesh is blackened to the deepest nerve

When will you learn?
The hurt it will return
When will you ever learn?
This feeling is all you can discern

Oh my heart it is so broken
More than waves upon the golden sand
Fly my love on wings of mute confusion
And never ever land

When will you learn?
When will you ever learn?
This feeling is all you can discern
The hurting always will return

Return return


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2 responses to “Return – The Musical

  • Anonymous

    Vamp Family,

    I haven’t read for a few days but at work as I rushed to leave I got wind of change.

    Tonight I have read both the passages. I am struck by how very powerful you voice is dear Tym.

    I am also struck by how feeling helpless never stops to amaze me with it’s crush.

    I also wonder when I will stop crying after having read your latest entries.

    I also know that there will always be lessons to be leaned and I believe that is our purpose in being.

    You are teaching me lessons with your courage.

    I know that I cared for you all before but I am falling madly in love with you all and your wonderful loving spirits.

    You remain in my heart…Kathryn

  • Uncle Wolf

    “~~~ Love lifts us up where we belong…~~~” (I know it’s from a song. At the moment I can’t remember the information to properly credit the artists)

    “… Faith can support you amidst waters of despair …” – myself

    “Never give up! Never surrender!” – from the movie Galaxy Quest.

    From the phrase “Brace up!” in the movie The Seven Samurai to watching Care Bears make things better with hugs, there are phenomena in this world which give us inspiration.

    May love, peace and harmony be with the Vampfamily, always.

    Uncle Wolf

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