I wake up, hearing the roar of the air conditioner, and feeling Vampbaby sleeping against my back. I don’t open my eyes – even the most subtle movement will send the dog bounding onto my stomach, eagerly awaiting early morning human contact and breakfast. Instead, I keep still and contemplate the day’s routine. The moment Vampbaby awakens, he will seek the dog with and excited “Etch, etch!”, then turn his attention to getting out of bed by crawling over any obstacle in his way (usually me). Then it’s a mad dash to the stairs, with wailing to commence at the security gate. The knashing of teeth and pulling of hair ends when I drag myself out of bed, pick him up, and head downstairs.

Vampbaby is plopped in the highchair, and Vampdoggy is fed his morning doggy bits. A quick bowl of Cheerios and soy milk later and Vampbaby is eating his own breakfast (all the while completing the dog’s meal with some of his own). Then it’s back up stairs to dress and prepare for the day.

What day is it now? If it’s a work day, then Vampbaby will race off to school for another day of fun with friends — perhaps swimming in the kiddie pool, perhaps eating pizza, but most certainly making a mess and wearing himself out. Vampmommy and Vampdaddy will dawn their fashionable outfits and head off for fabulous days at their fantastic jobs. If it’s the weekend, then we’re off to the errands of the day — groceries, a trip to the mall, visits with family, the occasional trip to the town playground, and perhaps a nap in the car.

I open my eyes to greet the day.

It’s night. The room is illuminated not by the usual blue nightlight, but instead by the machine that is pumping a vast array of drugs into my son’s system, that earlier gave him a transfusion of blood. That sound is not the air conditioner; instead, it is the cooler unit that chills the blanket Vampbaby is sleeping on, as a way to combat his 102 degree fever. The nurse slips quietly in, adds a new medication to the machine, and slips quietly out into the bright hallway of the hospital.

I remember, yet I still want so badly to forget.


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7 responses to “2AM

  • Anonymous

    Vampfamily……we love you. we are sending you our love and strength. Stay the course.
    Chrissy and Jay xoxoxoxoxo

  • Uncle Wolf

    Be not afraid.

    Let love flow.

    Embrace truth.

  • Anonymous

    I feel that you will have all that again! Hang in there… please remember ‘Auntie Anna’ is thinking of you and here for you if you need me! Love you all!

  • Anonymous


    I work with Lucile and am sending you prayers of strenght and healing for you all. I pray that soon your dream of being home and hearing the airconditioner will soon be reality.

  • Lois Gould

    Elise’s Mother Lois
    We continue to send you love and positive healing energy for Declan you and Mel. I don’t want to be intrusive but would like send or bring a meal to you guys. Let me know if you guys eat fish or would prefer something else. I work about 15 minutes from the Hospital and know that while it goes without saying that Declan’s care is the priority, I’d like to do something to take care of you guys.

  • Anonymous

    Vampfamily…..God Bless you all..We wish that we could be there with you all, helping. ALWAYS remember that we in Riverview Fl. are always thinking of you. We love you all..Uncle Jim and family

  • Mary

    I think of you often. I think of Declan. One thing Declan knows for sure is what a wonderful supportive loving family he has. That was easy for me to see the first day I meet you guys. Days may be difficult but be rest assured there is no doubt he knows he is loved no matter what.

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