Taking a break from the insanity of it all is critical for the self-care of any parent, let alone one dealing with this…However, walking away, even for a couple of days, does come at a price — which is paid when you return.

Vampdaddy is back in Chez Healing for the weekend, while Vampmommy takes a much-deserved break. Vampbaby continues to struggle — now with dropping blood and sodium levels as a result of the treatments. This means he is very tired and weak, prone to infection, and other such unpleasantness that they need to get under control. There is no doubt that he’s in for at least another week.

I come back to see my little guy melted in his mother’s arms, looking quite pale. His eyes communicate his tired state, and his hair has started to thin. The bandage from the area where they put in his Omaya Line (the access port in his head) has also fallen away, revealing a shaved swath and a u-shaped scar. We are currently trying to figure out if the scar will be above his hairline or below it (grrrr….). All of this breaks my heart once again, as I work to dismiss the guilt of not being around him these past few days as he has struggled to feel well again.

But I am here now, and together we will get through this weekend. Visitors are expected that will certainly lighten the mood, and on Sunday night Vampmommy will make her return.

So it goes.


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2 responses to “Return

  • Anonymous

    My thoughts are with you all. You are an amazing family. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help-

  • Uncle Wolf

    Sometimes a little rest helps us perform our best.

    Taking turns is another important lesson to teach children.

    Offering prayers of support.

    Uncle Wolf

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