The Others

Vampdaddy has returned from the land of tubes and medicine, to the world that we used to call our own before this all began. Vampbaby is struggling with eating (a lack of) and nausea (too much of), so he and Vampmommy remain at the hospital. However, it is time to implement “the plan”, which includes me doing what I can to return and remain with some consistency at work, while Vampmommy dawns her Super-Parent Suit and works on the front-lines in the battle. In the scope of the 51-week treatment protocol, we have completed week’s one and two, with week three’s chemo treatment scheduled for next Tuesday. In between we will begin dealing with the many side effects that come with chemotherapy (beyond the eating and puking part — but wait, there’s MORE!), so while there is the hope that Vampbaby will return home for a spirited reunion with Vampdoggy, we are potentially preparing for a longer residence in “Chez Healing”.

While in the hospital, we did have the pleasure of meeting The Others. The Others are the only other family in the area being treated at the same hospital for the same cancer (one other child is being treated elsewhere). Othergirl is 2 years old, and was diagnosed just a few weeks earlier than Vampbaby. While every child responds to treatment differently, seeing Othergirl a few weeks ahead of Vampbaby in treatment has given us a snapshot of what is potentially to come — hence our preperations for much, much more time in the hospital than what is “scheduled” in advance. Otherdad and Othermom are lovely people, and we relished the opportunity to talk with someone going through exactly what we are — even though their struggle is made more acute by having a total of 4 children. And I thought coordinating support for Vampdoggy and the fishes was stressful….

When you consider that this disease is so incredibly rare, to have another family going through this trauma at the same time is something of a spooky coincidence. But, it does not stop there: the doctor who first saw our son on Father’s Day, who had the Emergency Room do the first CT scan that showed the tumor?

He is the next door neighbor to the Others.

What are the odds?

The universe deals you shit, yet the cosmos comes finds at least a shred of mercy with connections that work to move you through it. You will not find this blog being a central hub of any organized religious doctrine (not our cup of tea), but that’s quite something….


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8 responses to “The Others

  • Uncle Wolf

    Offering cheers of encouragement. I’m glad you’ve met companions on your pilgrimage. May you all journey together, certain you’ll see the departure of a cancer and the arrival of renewed health.

    Uncle Wolf

    P.S. :::Tail-thwaps the “mItTy taiPO gREmLiN” (which appeared in a previous post) into a low geosynchronous orbit.::: Grrr, that cancer may not know it yet, but it is going to become even more rare by the time Vampbaby & companions are done with it. Believe it! 😉

  • Anonymous

    We are saddened yet happy that there are others for you to go thorugh this with. May you all go through this together and stirve on each others strengths. Our blessings with always be with you!!

  • Anonymous

    Prayers are in abundance at the Maxfied/ Leach-Dorius home. We love you all, love, Janet and Karen

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  • I (still) Know Too Many Names « Vampdaddy

    […] She was the first other child we met who had ATRT, shortly after VB was diagnosed. We spent the better part of a year and a half in the battle side by side with her and her family. Then, a week before her treatment was to end, an MRI came back showing she had relapsed. It has been a long journey for Charlotte, her parents, her siblings, her community. I have often thought of them, as we have fought to return to some semblance of the life we had planned, knowing that for them the battle continued without abating. […]

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