Harsh Realm

What can I say that can paint a picture of what we’ve begun? Today, Vampbaby was stabbed with a needle about eight times. Babies in general are “tricky sticks”, but our son has inherited his mommy’s veins. Of course, two weeks worth of IV’s hasn’t helped, either. This is usually all solved thanks to the marvelous technology that is the Portacath, but that doesn’t go in until next week. Until then, the nurses just shake their heads in woe and begin the litany of apologies for making my son scream like a banshee.

After the sticking, there’s the waiting. Blood draws every hour for three hours. Sticks with needles in between. Calm shattered by screaming and crying — but wait, was that Vampbaby or me — then back to aimless wandering around the hospital, waiting for the next test. We had some musical entertainment at one point, which Vampbaby danced to like the best Solid Gold Dancer ever (hip sway and all!). But the rest of the day was spent waiting, or crying, or crying about waiting.

Then the day ends with a failed echocardiogram, because it never dawned on anyone that you might need to sedate a 16 month-old to conduct an hour-long ultrasound study of his heart. Note for next time (which is tomorrow), but in the meantime there were several hours wasted for nothing but a few moments with Vampbaby covered in ultrasound goo.

Let it go, fight traffic, get home, pet dog, eat.

Now, sleep. There’s about 365 days just like this ahead.


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11 responses to “Harsh Realm

  • Uncle Wolf

    A journey begins with a single step. Together you are making progress.

    Uncle Wolf

  • Anonymous

    A phrase from the ages…oy vey. This puts the “oy” in “oy vey. I guess you will be building stamina from here. My thoughts and love remain with you all…

  • Heather

    “Anonymous” is me…I hit the wrong button..

    – Heather Janules

  • Anonymous


    Thank you for sharing this blog. It makes it much easier to read the blog rather than asking you for details all the time. And, we are very interested in what is happening. We care – a lot!!


  • Anonymous

    Hang in there, little man. You are stronger than you know.

    Looking forward to seeing your big, mischievous grins again.

    Laura P.

  • heather a

    Tym, Mel, and Declan,
    I just got back from the summer program, and was checking out how things have been going. I just wanted you to know that you had about 30 very passionate people think very warm and fuzzy thoughts to your family at this time. We love you!!!
    heather a.

  • Anonymous

    Chloe wants to send Declan HUGE hugs for this week!!! And Jack and Sadie (our doggies send your some kisses as I am sure having time to play with doggies isn’t at the top of the list). Jamie and I are praying for you and I will have my brother who is studying Buddhism in India do some serious work for you all. Please let us know if there is ANYTHING you need! love, Jamie, sara, chloe, jack and sadie

  • Anonymous

    We are thinking of you guys this morning from NY and hoping all is going well. Lots of Hugs and love for the week ahead. Call if you need anything.
    Love, Amanda and Jare

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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