This is Not my Beautiful House…..

The last few days have been quiet around these here blog parts, eh? Well, it’s been quiet in the real world as well. With the meeting set, all we have to do is hurry up and wait until we have an opportunity to get the last of our questions answered (at least the ones that plague our thoughts at the moment). Vampbaby is as energetic as ever, so we’ve spent plenty of time at the petting zoo and in the garden, where he’s taken a shine to digging in the dirt and pouring cold water from the hose on himself. Vampmommy and I also got a day away, while the little one spent quality time with a grand-parental unit.

These moments of normalcy have been a welcome relief, and have hopefully allowed us to restore resources that we know will be needed when the treatment begins. Of course, in those moments, the reality does tend to creep in and remind you that all is indeed not well. I spent some time at my office yesterday, getting caught up on phone calls and emails while beginning preperations for the inevitable schedule juggling that will most likely commence sooner than I am prepared for. As I was gliding easily through my routine, I was struck suddenly with an odd observation about my desk — it wasn’t my desk. No, this desk belongs to a guy who is not the parent of a cancer patient. The kid in the photo on the wall — that is a kid without cancer. And the plant — again, not my plant, but a plant owned and watered by the old me. I shuddered, wonder briefly if I should re-arrange my office or some other symbolic gesture, and resolved to return to the routine of my old self, remembering that it is still a part of me (and must continue to be to maintain my sanity).

I hope everyone out there had a happy 4th of July – whether or not you happen to live in the US and recognize it as a holiday!


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7 responses to “This is Not my Beautiful House…..

  • Uncle Wolf

    Dear Vampdaddy,

    You’re the same man, with new responsibilities. I have confidence in your abilities.

    Uncle Wolf

  • Imrahil

    You never leave who you once were. You only become more. each passing moment, time, scar only adds to the person. The one who set your office in place is still there, just different now. Sometimes familiarity is a salve all its own

  • Jackie

    A message from Jackie:



    B bfg.5tGt vftÜ\\C|’/’//’hnm,0020

    . mrttttttttxxxxcfcccccc


    P.S. We hope you have a good meeting tomorrow – we’ll be thinking of you.

  • Anonymous

    If we weren’t who we once were, then friends wouldn’d be able to get together after nearly eight years and fall easily into hugs and conversation.

    You are still, the loving, caring and strong (yet tired) man you were before, and as with every other trial you have had to endure in this crazy #$#% life, it will create another fine line in this beautiful sculpture that is Tym.

    It was wonderful to see you guys last night. Sending much love your way.

  • Anonymous

    Tym, Mel, and Declan,
    Good luck today at your appointment, let us know how things go! I’m leaving for the summer program tomorrow and feel i’ll be in the dark for a week about all this. :/
    You’re in my thoughts and prayers,
    heather a~*

  • Anonymous

    Thinking of you today (and every day). Good luck with your meeting today with the treatment team.

    Heather, Todd and Charlotte

  • Anonymous

    Hope all goes well today. Thinking of you all and sending lots of love your way way.

    Amanda and Jare

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