Baby Mind

Well, we finally heard from Boston today — the Vampfamily will travel to our favorite city on Thursday, July 6th to meet the team that will become intimately connected with our future.

Until then, Vampmommy and I are beginning to wonder if the surgery didn’t have some impact on our little one, but more in the way of advancement than deficit. His physical therapist, whom he has been seeing due to an issue stemming from delivery, was amazed at his resiliency — not only has he seemed to bounce back from the operation, but he has continued to advance developmentally in spite of the near-death detour.

Perhaps removing the tumor opened the mind — freeing something that was holding back due to the unwelcome guest. Maybe we will actually see, through this treatment, the emergence of a super-hero, who uses the alterations in chemistry to fight evil all over the world. Yes, my son, the Comic Book star.

Of course, this is all about hoping and praying that he doesn’t lose anything during the rest of treatment — a scary proposition that we try not to think about. But if his status after surgery is any indication, he should be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and move the Cheerios on his tray simply by using the power of thought.


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7 responses to “Baby Mind

  • Uncle Craig

    The future is full of possibilities. 🙂

  • CountryChick

    It is very exciting to see that his therapist is as amazed as we are! He is such a strong little guy.
    Also glad to see that Tym’s writing has gone back to a little bit of sarcasm.
    Everyone hopes to see you guys again soon!
    Miss Beth

  • Anonymous

    We love the Positive Thinking coming from our VampFamily! The same energy is flowing north from your Florida families! Love you all! Anna, John & Family

  • Anonymous

    Minnesota is so far away from you and I HATE THAT.

    If only I could give you all a hug that would take away all the pain and this shitty disease that your little guy is going through.

    What a great picture you sent us…. I find myself looking at it often throughout my day & asking the very question you as well as many others are asking. Not sure that I will ever understand it.

    I know you & I know you all will get through this together –

    We love you all – Aunt Vanessa

  • Jackie's mom and dad

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you this holiday weekend and as you got to Boston on the 6th. We’re so happy you’ve become part of our circle of friends through Harmony. After seeing Declan earlier this week he truly is a superhero. We hope to see you again soon!

    -Jackie’s Mom and Dad


    Life is precious. I am glad the little vamp is dsoing better. Best wishes to you and your family. You are in our prayers. He seems to have vast recovery powers, he is defintly a member of our family.
    Your grandmother Patsy lepinski. is my grandmother’s sister Virgina. I am rosemary’s son . Prayers be with you.

  • Miss Andrea

    I am so glad to hear that he is doing better! My thoughts are with you as you get ready to head down to Boston… Can’t wait to see you again! We miss those smiles and giggles!
    Miss Andrea

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