Thank you again, one and all, for your kind words and support.

I write at the end of surgery day with some good news. The procedure to remove the tumor seems to have gone well. Not only is the surgeon feeling confident that the majority of the mass was removed (and will most likely not require a second surgery down the line), but our little one awoke from the procedure as feisty as ever, refusing as usual to lay dormant in a crib. Our first exposure to him was as he was carried by the medical team back to his room, while some followed behind with the empty bed. In addition, he is moving his left side — so much so that the surgeon did a little dance of joy while watching him flail about in protest of the prodding that followed his awakening. Movement like that right in the beginning is a great sign that minimal function (if any) has been lost.

He spent most of the day sleeping, but did come around enough to sign and say “more”, his usual request for food. He then proceeded to down enough liquid to fill a medium size fish tank, and nibbled on a few crackers before falling back to sleep. I never thought the sound of him crunching a saltine would sound so beautiful.

Yesterday my thoughts were focused on disbelief that someone was going to be mucking around in his brain — of course, thinking that it meant the worse. Today, I had the same thought, but the disbelief this time focused on how quickly he seemed to emerge from the procedure, and return to the fussing and flailing about that keeps us on our toes. A wonder of modern medicine, no doubt.

However, we are not anywhere near the edge of those woods we hear so much about. Tomorrow comes a second MRI, to determine if any tumor was left behind. In the coming days, a team of scientists will be playing an advanced episode of “Mister Wizards World”, trying to figure out exactly what kind of growth it was that was nesting in our child’s brain. That information will inform any future treatments he may need, whether surgical or perscriptive. We will also begin to work with the little guy on his healing process, and hopefully get a better sense of when life will return to some semblance of normalcy. And, eventually, it will finally hit us that what just happened, and we will pay someone a rediculous amount of money for a 50-minute hour to talk about how it made us feel.

Given the success of today and the ensuing optimism, we could be home by the end of the week — or sometime next week. We will not know for certain until most likely Friday, so those who live local and want to visit are most certainly welcome. We’d just ask that you call ahead first, as we’re taking one day at a time and do not want to assume that the rest of our stay here will be an easy ride. Although we hope it will….

Again, deep thanks and much respect to all friends, old and new, who have sent emails, phone calls, letters, comments, etc. They are the force that is sustaining us from moment to moment. I will try to post again as soon as we have results from the MRI tomorrow.


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22 responses to “Post-Op-Up

  • Meagz

    What a trooper!
    -I continue to believe in Declan (and Tym and Mel)-
    More love, Meagan

  • Anonymous

    it’s amazing how resilient little ones are. and amazing how powerful faith can be…

    there’s no end to this channel of positive energy – zzzap, zap – may you feel it.


  • Anonymous

    YIPPEE from Aunt Vanessa in MN. What a great little guy – he must have brought one hell of a smile to your faces when you saw him coming out of recovery in someones arms instead of the crib. Aren’t kids WONDERFUL??? Prayers are continuing from all of us. Thank you for keeping us posted. Hugs to you all – Vanessa

  • Jackie's Mom

    I’m so glad he seems to be himself coming out of surgery. He has become such a part of our life and I can’t wait for his great big grin to meet me again when picking up or visiting Jackie at school.
    Thoughts were on you constantly yesterday as all the tasks of the day seemed like slow motions one step removed from my emotional focus.
    Our prayers continue to be with you today.
    All our love!

  • Anonymous

    Its great to hear the good news! I am thinking of you all!

  • Your Harmony Family

    Mel and Tim, what great news!!! Everyone at Harmony is overjoyed with the news that Declan has shown such remarkable strength after such a frightening ordeal. Our prayers continue to be with you as we await the continuing healing of our sweet Declan.

    -Donna and all of your friends at Harmony!

  • Anonymous

    What a little fighter Declan is. I (and everyone here at work) am sending all of our love, thoughts, and prayers..

  • Anonymous

    As a parent, I can only imagine the range of emotions that you and your wife are experiencing. Thank you for remembering your leadership pals and having Deb get in touch with me. I’m happy to hear that there is reason for cautious optimism…it is soooo difficult to watch your child go through any expereince like this…you just want everything to be okay and just want to trade places with him/her if only it was possible. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.


  • Bonnie (Spinazzola)

    Thank you for allowing us all to become part of your family; please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you all, and I am thrilled to learn there is happy and optimistic news. Please know that I am available if you need anything at all.

  • Anonymous

    -sending positive thoughts and energy your way. And lots of love!


  • Cecilia Stuopis

    Heard the news – looks like things are going ok. We are all praying for the 3 of you here in the office- hang in there. I may get one of my residents to check in on you all tomorrow….

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad to hear that thing are going well, Tym and Mel. How strong and wonderful is the baby Declan! I’ll be thinking of you all and sending love and healing thoughts.

    Kathleen Schmidt

  • Miss Andrea

    Way to go, Declan! We are very proud of you for making it through such a tough couple of days! We cannot stop thinking about you, and miss you a ton! We hope you get better fast so you can come play with us! We also think your parents are very brave, and would like them to let us know if there is ANYTHING we can do for them! Hope to see you back real soon!

    With Loads of Love,
    Miss Andrea, Miss Bonnie, and all of your Toddler One friends!

  • CountryChick

    Great News! We are very excited to hear that he is doing better. We are all praying for you guys. We can’t wait to be able to visit!
    We love you tons!!
    Ms. Beth, Ms. Maryjane, And Ms. Jessie

  • Anonymous


    Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. We will keep checking in here to see how everyone is doing. Best wishes from my family and from the Fisher Cats family.

    May God comfort you guys and give you strength.


    Shawn Smith

  • Andy Boyle

    Our families prayers each night will include you and your family. This too shall pass. Keep the strength in your head, in your body and in your heart. The very best to you.


  • The Vrees Family

    Thinking of you all and knowing McKinley and Peter will soon see Declan back at Harmony — happy and healthy. Know you are in our thoughts and prayers and that whatever you need, you may have from us.

    So many hugs…
    A, MB, McK, and P

  • Anonymous


    Everyone has said it all…this is wonderful news and he is in great hands up at CHaD. The three of you in my thoughts…looking forward to more good news.

    Anne Phillips

  • Anonymous

    So glad to hear of the encouraging signs after surgery. Lots of prayers and thoughts will continue to come your way.
    Love, Margie

  • Anonymous

    I am so happy that everything is going so well. Just got home from Louisianna. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Give him a big kiss from Great grandma. I love you, Grandma

  • Anonymous

    Tears of nervousness & saddness are replaced by tears of joy and optimisum! Wish we could be there to help support you in person. Such a strong baby… just like his mommy and daddy! Please keep us informed. You are all on our minds 24/7!! Love you bunches, Anna & John & kids too!

  • Anonymous


    We’re all thinking about you guys, if you need anything just call.


    Uncle Jim & Aunt Nancy

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